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O Lord,
When I enter the school
Give me those virtues that will make me an effective educator.
Give me Wisdom beyond knowledge, not merely to know the facts I have prepared, but to see their importance in the live of those I teach.

Give me that Wisdom which will prevail in the face of indifference, for children come with no deep interest in You.

I must create this interest. 
Give me Your kindness, which lived on in the face of rejection and disinterest:
to see, behind the mask, the lonesome soul.

Give me Your Patience, which was not disappointed by 
To teach You, I must imitate You
Who worked in the tough soil of the human will.

Give me your Humility, to lead others to You,
As You led others to Your Father.
Since I can give no grace, never let me promote myself.

Give me Insight to appreciate that I am the adult,
that these children have neither my control or desire
Then add a spirit of kindness to my discipline.
While I teach, let me learn...Learn that I must Love, for I can have all knowledge, yet, without love, all knowledge profits me nothing.
Learn that I am the educator when children see something of You in me.
Learn that, while I point out to children the way to Heaven,
I must not lose that way, myself.

Finally, Let me understand that my greatest reward is not to be here,
but hereafter, when, accompanied by the children I have instructed, I will shine like a star in Heaven
For having diffused Your light upon earth.
(Credit: Love Being Catholic)
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