Pre-K A (Mrs. Mundy)

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Welcome Mrs. Mundy's Mon-Stars, where every child in Pre-K A is a "star!" 

Pre-K A is where exciting learning takes place! There are so many fun and educational activities planned for the 2017/2018 school year!

                       Pre-K A Mon-Stars are terrific!

We had a great week of class, I am so proud of my Mon-Stars. We are going to have an awesome year!

                                     Our Class Mascot

Bob is our Class Mascot. He is a little green monster who is so excited to spend the weekend with his new friends. I can not
 wait to read about his adventures and seeing all the pictures that everyone will share in his adventure book. Bob Monster is excited to meet everyone!

                             Star of the Week

                                  Star of the Week: Coming soon!

The Whole Child approach will be used in Pre-K A to teach your child. All subjects will incorporate learning through stories, songs, poems, writing/drawing, crafts, play and Smart Board activities. 

                             Reading/Language Arts

Children will be introduced to our reading series SPLASH. Every week we have the Letter of the Week and Word of the Week. We have a Word Wall in our Writing Center that changes every month.
This week we will work on pre-writing skills and writing our first names. Also, recognizing the first letter in our names. 


The children will be introduced to shapes, numbers and our Fall math manipulatives. Get ready to have some fun learning!

                                    Social Studies 

The month of September, Pre-K A will learn about our school and our school community. I am so excited to share our wonderful school with Mundy's Mon-Stars and help everyone in Pre-K A love our SJS friends and community.


I love to teach Science and do fun experiments with Mundy's
Mon-Stars. Every week we have a science experiment ready to go. 
This month our Science theme is Apples, Apples, Apples. Hope you like apples!


‚ÄčEveryday we set time aside for God. We are learning how God loves us and how he cares for us. We begin our Religion lessons on Mary, how to make the Sign of the Cross and learn the Hail Mary. 


Homework will be a review of what was taught in class. Please check your child's folder every night to see the homework assignment. The homework will have a stamp on it marked HOMEWORK. Homework is to be returned the next day. 

                      Monday  & Wednesday - Write First Name
                      Tuesday  & Thursday - Puzzle Names
                      Friday - No Homework


                         Please read to your child every night.


                            Monday - Art
                                 Tuesday - Music
                                 Wednesday - Gym
                                 Thursday - Library
                                 Friday - Music

                       Upcoming Events                                                                           
         September 26, 2017 - Special Snack                        

           September 28, 2017 - Safety Night, 6:00pm
         September 29, 2017 - Ice Cream Social, 1:00pm-2:00pm in the Gym
         October 6, 2017 - 11:10 Dismissal
         October 9, 2017 - Columbus Day, No School
         October 14, 2017 - Technology 5K, 9:00am-1:00pm    
         October 17, 2017 - Special Snack
         October 24, 2017 - Confirmation, No School
         October 27, 2017 - Trick or Trunk & Halloween Dance


        We have a peanut allergy in our class. Please do not send in
        any peanuts. Any celebrations must have store bought food, no 
        home made items. All foods must say peanut free or have the            
        peanut free symbol.   

 __________________________________________________________________________                               Reminders 

* Please clean out folders everyday.
* A
rrival is 8:10am and dismissal is 2:15pm for full day, half day dismissal 11:10am.
* Please make sure your child uses the bathroom before coming to school.
* Snack is one healthy snack and a drink.
* Please label everything your child brings to school especially jackets. 
* Lunch coupons must be in an envelope with your child's name and lunch choice. The envelope must be placed in your child's folder, not their lunchbox.         

                                           Contact Me
Phone: 631-588-4760
Room: 9