Motor Skills
Motor Skills are an important part of your child's development. There are three areas of Motor Skills: Fine Motor, Gross Motor and Self-Help/Play Skills.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills involve the careful control of small muscles in the hands, feet, fingers and toes. Fine Motor Skills also involves using the muscles in the tongue and lips in order to speak or sing.

Fine Motor Skills activities include: 
Play dough/clay with plastic tools such as cookie cutters
Scissors - cutting
Writing, drawing and coloring
Shared Reading - turning pages

‚ÄčGross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills involves control of arms, legs, head and trunk.  

Gross Motor Skills activities are:
Throwing, catching and kicking a ball
Riding a bike, a ride on toy

Self-Help/Play Skills

We encourage our children in Pre-K to try to do things for themselves. Some self-help skills includes putting on their coats, hat, backpack. Being able to talk to peers and adults. Ask for help when needed. Play skills include playing and sharing with each other and cleaning up after activities. 

In Pre- A we work on Motor Skill activities throughout the day. One of our favorite activities is to dance following movement songs on the Smart Board.