Pre-K B (Mrs. Dowling)

Happy Spring!  We are thrilled that spring has finally arrived and are looking forward to spending more time outside.  Please keep this in mind when dressing your child for school (sneakers & comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and outerwear etc.)

April is going to be a very exciting and busy month here in the Pre-K.  We will be celebrating Earth Day & Arbor Day and the arrival of spring.  We will learn about weather changes, wind and ways in which we can help to protect our planet.  We will also continue working on letter formation and sounds, sequencing, rhyming, patterning, number recognition, counting, estimating and measuring.  This month we will be introducing letters W, G and K and numerals 13, 14, and 15. During our religion circle meetings we will continue to listen to Bible stories, learn new prayers and share our love for God while discussing ways in which we can be more like Jesus.

Thank you to all of the families who helped us by reading books and sending in hearts throughout the month of March.   The children really enjoyed participating in this program.  We have read enough books to complete the giant heart on the wall in our hallway.  This heart shows just how much our class truly loves reading.

Our class parties and special activities throughout the year have been a huge success.  We would like to thank you all for your generous contributions to help make these events extra special and to ensure that the snacks and treats provided are safe for all of our students.  Mrs. Ingrassia and Mrs. Giagios couldn’t make this possible without your help. We truly appreciate all the support our families have shown our class.

Important Dates & Upcoming Events

Friday, May 4 – Early Dismissal. Faculty Meeting

Thursday, May 10 – Field Trip to Once Upon a Treetop

Monday, May 28 – School Closed. Memorial Day

Friday, June 1 - Early Dismissal. Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, June 13 – Last Day of School for Early Childhood students

Thursday, June 14 – Early Childhood Graduation Ceremonies


  • We try to get the children outside whenever possible so please make sure to dress your child in weather appropriate clothes and sneakers (for safety).


  • Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you have.  You can reach me at the school or email me at


  • Please label everything that your child brings to school.


  • Please check and empty your child’s folder daily.



  Ways that you can help your child…
  • We are working with the children on writing their names correctly (first letter capital and the rest lowercase).  Please practice at home with your child whenever the opportunity arises (signing his/her name on a birthday card or invitations, labeling his/her work

  • Continue teaching your child his/her birthday, phone number (please choose the number you would like your child to use in the event of an emergency)  and  your address  (house number, street name and town)