Classroom Information

Welcome to the Pre-Kindergarten program at St. Joseph School.  Our goal is to engage your children as active learners.  We will focus on their spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical development throughout the school year.

Here are some requests and suggestions that will help us guide your children on their educational journey.

*Bathroom:  Please make sure that your child uses the bathroom before coming to school and can manage all types of clothing (belts, buttons, zippers).  Also, please provide a change of clothing in a plastic bag to be kept in the backpack in case of an emergency.  When the seasons change, please provide the appropriate clothing. 

*Labels:  It is important to label all items such as lunchboxes, snacks, and backpacks.  For the first two weeks of school, please make sure that the attached identification tag is on the backpack.

*Birthday Celebrations:  We will celebrate each birthday with a special treat that you provide.  Please remind us a few days before the special day.  We would like something simple such as cupcakes, cookies, or brownies.  Drinks are not necessary, but napkins would be appreciated.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated in June.

*Book Orders:  Forms will be sent home in order for you to purchase books and educational materials for your child.  Please follow the directions on the order forms.  If you like to order online, our class activation code is J43HW.  While there is no obligation to order, the class benefits by receiving points that I can use to purchase more books for our class library.

*Leadership Roles:  Children will be assigned Leadership Roles on a rotating basis.  

*Playground:  We will be going outside each day (weather permitting) to play.  Sneakers are the best type of footgear to wear.  Please dress your child accordingly.  As the weather gets cooler, jackets and long pants are recommended.

*Folders:  It is extremely important to check the contents of your child’s folder each day. This will be a vital means of communication, especially with regard to any forms or notices that require your attention.  If you have any questions or concerns, put a note for me in the folder.  I will respond back via the folder.  I will also be able to answer emails or return phone calls after the children are dismissed for the day.  ***Lunch coupons must be place in the folder in an envelope with your child’s name and food choice written on it.

*Snack/Lunch:  Please provide a healthy snack and drink in a separate bag with your child’s name on it.  Brains function better when they are hydrated, and water is the best type of liquid refreshment.  Lunch should be in an insulated bag that is labeled.  If you have a lunchbox, please use icepacks to keep cold items from spoiling.  Please pack the appropriate utensils and napkins.  Let’s be kind to the environment and reuse plastic spoons and forks.  We will make sure that it is wiped clean of any food and placed back in the bag or box.  A cloth placemat makes the lunch area safer for food to be placed on.

*Rest Mats:  We will have a rest period each day after lunch.  Mats may be purchased for $25.00.  If you are using one from another child, or one from last year, please make sure that it is not worn out. 

*Pictures:  Photos will be taken throughout the school year for projects, displays, and our website.  If you do not want your child’s picture displayed in the school or on the website, please notify me.

*Emergency Cards and Pick Up Information:  It is vital that we have the correct information regarding the people you give permission to pick up your child from school.  Please send in a note when someone from your list is picking up your child.  I will need to see a driver’s license until I get to know the person(s).  If the person is not on the list, I will not release your child to that person without written consent from you.

*Drop Off and Pick Up:  Please use the side doors opposite the main office doors of the elementary building.  Doors open at 8:10am and will be closed at 8:20am.  If you arrive after that, please use the main office doors to drop off your child.  Pick up is the same side doors noted above at 2:15pm.  Nursery students will be dismissed first, followed by the Pre-Kindergarten students.  Any child not picked up by 2:20pm will be sent to the After Care Program.

*Absences:  For the safety of your child please call the school nurse before 9:30am if your child will be absent from school that day.  Upon returning to school, please provide an absence note in your child’s folder.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.  Together, we can make this year a special learning experience for your child.