Holidays/Themes/Special Events


Class Halloween Party

    We are planning a fun filled day for Halloween.  We will be making spider snacks and crafts, showing off our Halloween shirts, playing Halloween themed games, reading books about Halloween and having a “spooky” dance party.  

            The children will NOT be wearing costumes to school on Halloween.  They may wear Halloween themed shirts or dresses.   You may send in goody bags or candy for your child to “deliver” to his/her friends’ treat bags if you would like.   Please do not to put names on these goodies as this makes it difficult for the children to deliver them to their friends.  If you do choose to send in candy it must be from the allergy friendly list or we will not allow it to be distributed.

Allergy Friendly Candy

Skittles                       Smarties                    Twizzlers        Dum Dum Lollipops

Starburst                  Airheads                   Ring Pops          Sour Patch Kids

Fun Dip                     Fruit Roll Ups           Lifesavers



The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is designed in a way that incorporates the implementation of Common Core Standards in conjunction with celebrating holidays and special events throughout the school year.

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