Motor Skills
Motor Skills encompass three distinct areas of development in Pre-Kindergarten students:  gross motor, fine motor, and self-help/play skills.

Gross Motor Skills such as walking, running, climbing, jumping, throwing, and balancing, involve the larger, stronger muscle groups of the body.  Students will be introduced to a variety of activities in the classroom and outside that will enable them to develop and strengthen these skills.  

Fine Motor Skills such as coloring, cutting, drawing, and printing, require the use of the small muscles in the hands.  It is very important to strengthen these muscles in order to make it easier for students to participate in the activities mentioned above.  Some students may have difficulty cutting with scissors or grasping a pencil with the tripod grasp.  Our activities are designed to assist students with developing the proper techniques for successful outcomes.  Here is a tip I learned from an occupational therapist for students having difficulty grasping a pencil correctly:
Lay the pencil down with the sharpened point pointed towards the hand you write with. Take the pointer finger and thumb and pinch the pencil. Now swing the eraser straight up and towards the backside of your hand, resting towards the web between the thumb and fingers. Sometimes, holding a broken crayon in the ring finger and pinky finger help the tripod grasp to remain steady throughout the printing activity.  

Self-Help/Play Skills include using the bathroom, washing hands, opening food items and drinks, dressing, resting, and manipulating toys and materials during play.  Encouraging your child to practice these skills is a crucial component to gaining independence throughout the school year.