Pre-K B (Mrs. Hayman)

  Welcome to Pre-K B  2016-2017

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"This is the day the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it."

                                             Psalm 118:24
                Highlights for Week of April 24, 2017



*Sign of the Cross

*Jelly bean Prayer 

*The Easter season continues until Pentecost Sunday

*Seeds:  The Resurrection of Jesus


*Using a 10 bead ring for addition and subtraction

*Counting to 20 and counting to 100 by tens

*Number recognition to 20

*Number of the week:  Review of all numbers from 1-10

*Number Line and printing numbers

*AB, ABC, AAB, and AABB Patterns

*Comparing information on Weather Bar Graph

English Language Arts

*Theme: Bugs

*Word of the Week: metamorphosis

*Letter of the Week: Hh

*Using letters we have learned to make words:  stop, top, pop,
  cop, cot, mop, jot, jam, lap, bat, sit, pet, rope, year, dear,
  umbrella, number, wonder, green, kite, flower, zero, hungry

Fine Motor Skills

*Playdoh Center:  to strengthen muscles in hands

*Printing Letters of the Week in notebooks

Social Studies

*Why is Earth Day important?

*Butterfly Life Cycle

                     Important Reminders 

*Please check under Dates to Remember for Show and Tell
  assignment and upcoming events.

*Gym is on Thursdays:  Please have your child wear sneakers
  to school.

*Students need a drink for snack and for lunch.  A third drink is
  needed if your child attends After Care.

*Please check Homework link for assignments for the week.  
  Please use a pencil when tracing letters.  

*Our classroom mascot, Clifford will be spending  a weekend with
  each student.  Please visit the Holidays/Themes/Special Events

                     Dates to Remember

*Easter Break:  April 13th - April 21st
*Friday, May 5, 2017:
 11:10 Dismissal
*Monday, May 15, 2017:  May Crowning
*Wednesday, May 24, 2017:  Field Day
*Monday, May 29, 2017:  Memorial Day...No School

In Pre-K B our Learning Adventure is linked with our Spiritual Journey.  
The classroom atmosphere is filled with compassion, understanding,
discipline, laughter, and joy.  Learning academics and the tenets of our
Catholic faith are intertwined as we follow the example of Jesus, the
Master Teacher.  The Gospels tell us that Jesus said, "Let the children
come to me.  Children are very special to God and close to Him.  You
need to love and trust God as children do.

Jesus Loves the Little Children


Pre-K B Specials Schedule

Tuesday:  Library 
Wednesday:  Music and Library
Thursday:  Gym and Music                           
 Art and Computers
                            Contact Information

Mrs. Barbara Hayman

School Phone:

Email:  (click on link at left to Email Mrs. Hayman)


                            knowledge is key

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