Holidays/Themes/Special Events

                        Clifford the Big Red Dog

On Friday afternoons, a new student will be chosen to take Clifford home to spend the weekend with his or her family.  Clifford travels light, and he needs hugs and attention from your family.  He likes to do whatever your family is doing.  In his bag, you will find a binder where you can write about Clifford's adventure with your family.  There will also be a place for pictures for your child to share with the class on Monday.  This activity is a wonderful experience for your child.  Please make sure to send Clifford back to school the following Monday.  Thanks for your cooperation and support!!



The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is designed in a way that incorporates the implementation of Common Core Standards in conjunction with celebrating holidays and special events throughout the school year.

During the month of September, students will be engaged in activities and projects that focus on a Back to School theme as well as an Apples, Apples, Apples theme.  

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September 8th is the celebration of the birthday of Jesus' mother. Please dress your child in something blue in honor of our Blessed Mother.  Thanks!

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