Welcome To My School Counseling Corner

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Hello! My name is Michelle Siragusa and I am very excited to be returning as the School Counselor at St. Joseph School for my fifth year!  My role as the School Counselor is to provide a comprehensive program that addresses the academic, personal, and social-emotional development of all students in an environment that is nurtured by our Catholic faith. My efforts to support all students in these areas are part of a collaborative model that includes students, teachers, administration, and parents.

     Success at school is not just about academics, but also knowing how to manage emotions constructively, make responsible decisions and get along with others.  I will be visiting each classroom, weekly for middle school students and bi-weekly for elementary students for classroom-based lessons.

     I will also be running small groups throughout the year. I will send home a permission form to notify parents of the topic. Topics include, but are not limited to friendship, self-esteem, social skills, and study skills. Parents have the option of allowing their child to participate or decline the invitation to the small group.

     To receive individual counseling, referrals may be made by teachers, parents, or students. I will meet with students for the initial meeting. If it would be beneficial for counseling to continue, a permission form will be sent home with your child. If I had worked with your child last year and you would like to continue, please contact me to discuss your child’s progress and needs.

Have a blessed school year!

School Counseling