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Individual Counseling
Students are welcome to come talk to me individually. Teachers, parents, or students may also make referrals. I will meet with students for the initial meeting and if it would be beneficial for counseling to continue, a permission form will be sent home with your child. Parents and guardians can set up referrals by phone, email or by scheduling a meeting with me. 

 Small Group Counseling 
Children are chosen depending on the topic. Topics include, but are not limited to, friendship, self-esteem, social skills, and study skills. I will send home a permission form that will let parents know the topic being covered.  Parents have the option of allowing their child to participate or decline the invitation to the small group.  

Classroom Guidance
 I will be working with students in the classroom teaching social-emotional development  to promote responsibility, independence, life long learners, problem solvers, and pro-active leaders in this ever-changing world.  Social-emotional learning helps students recognize emotions in themselves and others, manage their own emotions, have empathy for others, develop and maintain healthy friendships, make responsible decisions, and solve problems effectively. I will be using the Second Step Program along with additional resources in my classroom guidance lessons.
Please feel free to stop by this site to see what fun and exciting topics are being covered throughout the school year as well as any announcements I may have.