5th Grade
Email: nsequino@stjoeronkelem.org

Reading Selection:  Selected Works of Roald Dahl, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Boy: Tales of Childhood

Reading Strategy: Understanding literary devices (similes and metaphors); character charts; quote analysis; determining the author's purpose in writing the story

Vocabulary Workshop book, Unit 14: hoax, singular, pursue, negative, alibi, frank, confederate, modify / modified, discharge, swindle, reign, economical, mutiny

Vocabulary in Chapter 7 of the Journeys textbook: romp, strained, picturing, wheeled, shouldered, frantic, lunging, checking, stride, bounding

Spelling Strategy: Practice the rule, "i before e, except after c"

Grammar: Parts of speech -- Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, & Conjunctions

Upcoming Assessments: 

Due Tuesday, May 23rd: Read to Chapter 3 of your assigned book. Then, select one character, and fill in the character chart worksheet to fully describe that character as depicted in your book. Make sure you provide at least three to four sentences in your paragraph, including a SIMILE that describes your character. To be collected & graded!

Due Wednesday, May 24th: Finish answering the questions based on the biography of Roald Dahl. 

Due Thursday, May 25th: Fill in the worksheet on the "Scope of the Novel" as best as you can, explaining what the setting is, who the main character(s) are, what major events happened in the novel so far, and what problems the main character has faced so far. On the back, list one (1) vocabulary word that you did not understand and look up the definition for the word. TO BE COLLECTED!

DUE Tuesday, May 30th: Complete the questions on your assigned book for class! To be collected & graded!

FOR HOMEWORK TONIGHT: Work on writing the content for your Google Slides presentation (follow the directions below). Remember, you will only have Monday, June 5th, and Tuesday, June 6th to work on this project in the computer lab -- after that, you must work on it on your own!

DUE DATE REVISED to THURSDAY, June 8th: (because of Book Fair, etc.): Create a Google Slides presentation on your assigned novel with at least 7 slides: 1) Title of your book; 2) Author's name, publisher's name, and copyright date; 3) Setting (where and when the story took place) and plot (what the story is about); 4) Main character(s) - describe them; 5) Conflict (what the main character's problem in the story?); 6) Resolution (how does the main character solve his/her problem?); and 7) Your favorite part of the novel. NO LATE PROJECTS ACCEPTED.