5th Grade



This week finds us in the anthology reading "Molly Pitcher" together.  We continue reading non-fiction pieces.  Last week, I gave the students the vocabulary in context, and we added 5 to our spelling list.  We also took a pretest for spelling.  This way, the children know which words to revisit; it will be easier to create a study plan!  There will be a test on Thursday.  The target skills include conclusions and generalizations.  The grammar monster has us dealing with regular and irregular verbs.  We will also revisit interjections.

Writer's Workshop finds working on our research project...BRIDGES!  Each student was asked to choose a bridge...any bridge, find some information on said bridge, and write essential questions.  This week, we will be working on creating "meaty" essential questions and answering to them.  We will also be working on the introduction of the paper.  ***Please make sure your student has information for class!!

The standards I expect to hit this week include: Language 6, Reading Informational Text #1 &#4, and Speaking & Listening #1, Writing #7 & 8.

Much love,
Mrs. Reina