5th Grade
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Novel Selection: The Call of the Wild, by Jack London

Reading Strategies: story mapping; characterization; understanding's the author's purpose/theme; and before-, during-, and after-reading activities.

- Unit 1:
specialty, disturbing, collapsed, squashing, numb, shifted, struggled, wobbled, staggered, and interrupting
- Unit 2: romp, checking, shouldered, bounding, wheeled, lunging, stride, strained, picturing, and frantic.

Spelling Strategy: i before e, except after c

Grammar: Four types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, exclamatory and imperative); the formula for a complete sentence: Subjects + Predicates; and the Parts of Speech (nouns and adjectives).

Upcoming Assessments: HOMEWORK for this week: Practice your words from the Vocabulary Workshop book by going to www.google.com, typing in the words "vocabulary workshop" and hitting return. Click on the SadlierConnect.com link, and select the blue Vocabulary Workshop book. On the lefthand corner of the page, click on "Unit 1." Play the vocabulary games, such as "Hangman" and "Flashcards" to study your words!

Due Nov. 20th: Complete pages 11 & 12 in your blue Vocabulary Workshop book.

Due Wednesday, Nov. 15th: Complete the "Context Clues" ditto. Then, look up the definitions of each word and write them down on the back.

Due on  Tuesday, Nov. 14th: Complete the Scavenger Hunt on Jack London.

Due Nov. 13th: Complete pages 18 to 28 in your Handwriting book for an easy homework grade!

For Wednesday, Nov. 8th, complete pages 43 to 46 in your Reader's Notebook!

Due Nov. 6th: Complete the Halloween worksheet on adjectives, filling in the blank spaces with adjectives which describe a "fearful" mood and a "fun" mood.

For Nov. 2nd: Study tonight for a quiz on the four (4) types of sentences -- declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory.

For Oct. 31st: Write the ending to the Halloween story by describing what is in the box! Be sure to use the four types of sentences in your story -- use one of each (a declarative, an interrogative, an imperative, and an exclamatory sentence) in your story. 

For Oct. 30th: Complete pages 15, 18, 19, and 20 in your Reader's Notebook for Monday's class. Counts as a homework grade!

Homework for Oct. 26th: Please complete Unit 1 & Unit 2 in the Handwriting book up to page 17. Counts as a homework grade!