5th Grade
Email: nsequino@stjoeronkelem.org

Reading Selection:  


Reading Strategy: Understanding Literary Devices (similes and metaphors)

Vocabulary Workshop book:  

Spelling Strategy: Practice the rule, "i before e, except after c"

Grammar: Parts of speech -- Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, & Conjunctions

Upcoming Assessments: Due Tuesday, March 28th: Write the ending to the astronaut story. After the astronaut lifts up the moon rock, he finds small aliens hiding under the rock, and...what happens? Please use adjectives to describe your nouns, adverbs to add to your verbs, and conjunctions (and, or, but) to make your writing clear! 

Due Wednesday, March 29th: Complete the exercises on "Compound Sentences," by re-writing the sentences with coordinating conjunctions (and, but, and or) as necessary.

Due Thursday, March 30th: Complete Lessons #24 & 25 in your Simple Solutions textbook.

Due Friday, March 31st: Complete the exercises on "Complex Sentences" by re-writing the sentences with subordinating conjunctions (after, although, because, before, since, until, when, and while).

Due Monday, April 3rd: Write a rough draft on how to eat an ice cream cone, using adjectives to describe any nouns that you use; adverbs to modify verbs; and coordinating conjunctions (and, or, but) to make your writing clear.

Due tomorrow, April 6th: Complete your FINAL essay on how to eat an ice cream cone for homework, using your gmail accounts on Google Docs. If you do not have submit your essay tonight, you will miss out on library time tomorrow.

Due on Monday, April 10th: Complete the test review packet on the Parts of Speech for Monday's class. To count as a homework grade!

GRAMMAR TEST: Tuesday, April 11th: There will be a test on the Parts of Speech -- nouns (common and proper); verbs (action and helping); adjectives (including articles); adverbs; coordinating conjunctions (but, and, or); and subordinating conjunctions (even though, after, when, while, because, etc.).

DUE Monday, April 24th: Complete the Reading Logs over the break by reading your chosen book for 30 minutes, and writing a brief summary about it.

DUE Wednesday, April 26th: Complete Lessons #26 & 27 in your Simple Solutions textbook for homework.

DUE Friday, April 28th: Complete the worksheet on using Subordinating Conjunctions (even though, although, when, because, as, etc.) for class! To be collected & graded!

You worked hard this week: NO HOMEWORK FOR THE WEEKEND!