5th Grade
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Novel Selection: The Call of the Wild, by Jack London

Reading Strategies: story mapping; characterization; understanding's the author's purpose/theme; and before-, during-, and after-reading activities.

- Unit 1:
specialty, disturbing, collapsed, squashing, numb, shifted, struggled, wobbled, staggered, and interrupting
- Unit 2: romp, checking, shouldered, bounding, wheeled, lunging, stride, strained, picturing, and frantic.
- Unit 3: cancel, distribute, blunder, myth, solitary, document, reject, temporary, continuous, fragile, scuffle, veteran

Spelling Strategy: i before e, except after c; using the suffixes -ion and -tion

Grammar: Four types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, exclamatory and imperative); the formula for a complete sentence: Subjects + Predicates; and the Parts of Speech (plural nouns and collective nouns).

Upcoming Assessment: No ELA homework tonight, but use the time to work on your Book Report Projects, which are due on Monday, Jan. 29th!
    Also, there will be a QUIZ on Chapters 1-7 of The Call of the Wild on THURSDAY, Jan. 25th. 

Due Jan. 22nd: Draw and color in sketches showing the MAJOR EVENTS that have occurred in Chapters 1 through 6 of The Call of the Wild. DO YOUR BEST WORK, as this will be collected and graded.

RELIGION HOMEWORK, due TUESDAY, Jan. 16th: Write a 5-sentence essay describing how reading the Holy Bible has changed your faith. Has it made it stronger? weaker? or had no change on your beliefs? TO BE GRADED!
     No ELA homework this weekend, but continue working on reading your book for your BOOK REPORT PROJECT which is due in two weeks (January 29th).

STUDY for your TEST  tomorrow, FRIDAY, Jan. 12th, on plural nouns vs. collective nouns (group, class, people, team, Yankees, Mets -- any word that indicates that there is a group of people); prefixes; and suffixes.

Due Jan. 9th: Make as many words using the prefixes and suffixes provided on the "Word Smash."

Long-Term Project DUE MONDAY, JANUARY 29th: Present your project to the class on the book you read for your BOOK REPORT PROJECT. Be sure to include your READING LOGS to show that you have read your book during the break. 

Due Dec. 19th: Complete the questions on Chapter 4 of The Call of the Wild for class. Counts as a homework grade!

Due Dec. 15th: Bring the book you've chosen to read for your OUTSIDE READING ASSIGNMENT to class tomorrow. Also, in your Reader's Notebook, complete page 87 on the use of the prefixes for tomorrow's homeroom!

Due Monday: Complete the worksheet on the Characterization of Buck in The Call of the Wild. Provide a trait for each quote and describe which method of characterization that Jack London is using in order to describe Buck.