5th Grade
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Reading Selection: "Old Yeller," in your Journeys textbook

Reading Strategy: story mapping through plot diagrams

- Unit 1: specialty, disturbing, collapsed, squashing, numb, shifted, struggled, wobbled, staggered, and interrupting

Spelling Strategy: i before e, except after c


Upcoming Assessments: HOMEWORK due Wednesday, Sept. 27th: Study for your SPELLING QUIZ on Friday, Sept. 29th, by writing your spelling words 5 times each. The words are listed on page 6 of your Reader's Notebook, as well as the words "believe" and "receive."

LONG-TERM Project DUE Friday, October 13th: 
1. Read your library book. Have your parents sign the READING LOG each day that you read your book.
2. Write a summary about your book, describing what it is about. Answer the other questions on the Reading Log.
3. Choose six (6) vocabulary words that you don't understand in your book. Write a definition for each word using the CONTEXT CLUES skills we practiced in class.
4. Write a sentence for each of the 6 words.

HOMEWORK for Friday, Sept. 22nd: Complete the CONTEXT CLUES worksheet by writing a definition for each word. Then, write a sentence using each word. The words are: dignity, splendidly, particle, elegant, injustice, and decline.

HOMEWORK for Thursday, Sept. 21st: Complete pages 3, 4, and 6 in your Reader's Notebook for homework tonight!

HOMEWORK for TUESDAY, Sept. 19th: Fill out the Flow Chart in the order of the MAIN events that happen in the story, "A Package of Mrs. Jewls." What is the very FIRST thing that Louis does on the school yard? What happens when he meets the delivery man? What happens next? List at least five (5) main events. Your test on the story is Wednesday, Sept. 20th.

HOMEWORK due on Monday, Sept. 18th: Fill out the Plot Diagram worksheet on the story, "A Package for Mrs. Jewls," by Louis Sachar. Describe the Exposition (the characters, setting (where the story takes place, and the MAIN character's problem in the story); Rising Action (events leading up to the Climax); the Climax (the main character's struggle in the story); the Falling Action (events leading up to the Resolution); and the Resolution (how the main character of the story solves the problem). We will discuss THEME on Monday!

HOMEWORK due on FRIDAY, Sept. 15th: Complete the vocabulary exercises asking you to use "context clues" to figure out the meaning of the vocabulary words.

HOMEWORK, Due Wednesday, Sept. 13th: Using complete sentences, answer the reading comprehension questions on pages 34 and 35 of your Journeys textbook about the story we read in today's class, "A Package for Mrs. Jewls." The questions are:
1. Why is the school yard a mess at the beginning of the story? 
2. What do you learn about Louis's character from the way he responds to Mrs. Jewls's actions?
3. What clues might have helped you predict the story's ending?
4. If the story were told from a different point of view, and not from Louis's point of view, would it be as funny to you? Why or why not?

FOR HOMEWORK, DUE MONDAY, September 11th: Using your index cards, study for a quiz on the 10 vocabulary words (specialty, disturbing, collapsed, squashing, numb, shifted, struggled, wobbled, staggered, and interrupting) during Monday's class.

Due Friday, September 8th: Write the definition for each of the words on pages 16-17 of your Journeys textbook on the index cards provided in class today. Then, write your own sentence for each of the words.