6th Grade

Journeys Selection:
"The Hero and the Minotaur"; "The Twelve Labors of Heracles" (Hercules to the Romans!); "King Midas"; "The Adventures of Perseus"; and "Jason and the Golden Fleece."

Reading Strategies: Story mapping; understanding's the author's purpose and theme; characteristics of an epic hero; sequencing of events; plot diagrams; and use of figurative language

-Unit 1: mentor, employed, scholastic, grimly, contested, tumult, pursuit, culprit, deprived, and miraculous
-Unit 2: Greek vs. Roman mythology; monotheism vs. polytheism; urns; epic hero; sear; dung; minotaur; satyr; centaur; hydra; Cerebus; Underworld; Hades; Mount Olympus; pyre


Four types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative); sentence fragments vs. complete sentences

Upcoming Assessments: Homework TONIGHT: Complete the worksheet questions on the story, "King Midas."

Homework for the Thanksgiving break: (DUE MONDAY, Nov. 27th) Complete page 3 and pages 6-10 in your Reader's Notebook. 

Due Nov. 15th: Complete the Study Guide for THURSDAY's TEST - The test will focus on the 12 Labors, as well as the "sequencing" exercise (put events in order).

Due. Nov. 13th: Complete the "Characteristics of Myths" worksheet by providing examples from the text -- direct sentences from "The Twelve Labors of Heracles" -- for each of the descriptions of a myth. No vague answers, please.  

Due Thursday, Nov. 9th: Complete the two worksheets on the 5 types of conflict -- character vs. character, character vs. self, character vs. society, character vs. nature, and character vs. fate. 

Due Nov. 6th: Finish reading "The Twelve Labors of Heracles" and then complete the "Rank the Labors" worksheet on the last page of your packet. List the Labor in the order that YOU would have completed them if YOU were Heracles; then, explain why you would have performed that Labor first, second, third, etc.

Due Oct. 30th: Complete the chart about the "Beginning of the World," story by explaining the meaning of the Greek mythology words and the meaning they have today.

On Oct. 26th: There will be a test on "The Hero and the Minotaur," as well as the Greek gods and goddesses and the qualities of an Epic Hero. Use your STUDY GUIDE to prepare for the test.

For Oct. 23rd: Complete the Study Guide on "The Hero and the Minotaur," as well as the Greek gods and goddesses and the qualities of an Epic Hero, for Monday's class. TEST to follow on Wednesday, Oct. 25th.

For Thursday, Oct. 19th: Complete your god or goddess project by drawing a sketch of your god or goddess on the Grecian Urn in your mythology packet. Staple your god / goddess description to the bottom of the Urn. TO BE COLLECTED & GRADED!