6th Grade


Girl And Boy.png    

Las week, we actually began the anthology.  I introduced the spelling list, and we read the realistic fiction piece "School Story" together.  I will be sending home a letter explaining  everything we are working on including: target vocabulary, comprehension, and writing.  There will be practice pages assigned in the workbook for homework. Please have your student revisit spelling and vocabulary in context each night. There will be a spelling test on Thursday.

We will be back in writer's workshop by Thursday revisiting our first piece and participating in a focus share.

The standards I expect to hit this week are: Speaking & Listening #1, Language #6, and Writing #4.  We should be answering to W#4 with a graphic by Thursday!

**If I don't have your picture, please bring it in this week!  I want to see all of your beautiful faces on the bulletin board!!

Thanks for a great first week!!

Much love,
Mrs. Reina