6th Grade

Selected Novel: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis

Reading Strategies: Annotating while reading, characterization, before-, during-, and after-reading activities, story mapping (plot diagrams)

Grammar: Writing complete sentences and avoiding fragments

Upcoming Assessments: HOMEWORK DUE THURSDAY, April 26th: Write well-developed, thorough sentences on your vocabulary words listed on my quizlet:

ELA PROJECT for the week, DUE on FRIDAY, April 20th: Select one of the assignments to write a well-developed essay of at least 7 sentences. Assignment must be typed and double-spaced. For project #5, you must color in your drawing or sketch.
Chapter 10
1. How do you feel about Father Christmas's statement that "battles are ugly when women fight"?
2. Write a journal entry as one of the Pevensie children, describing how it felt to be running from the White Witch to the Stone Table to meet Aslan.
3. Have you ever felt "that deep shiver of gladness which you only get if you are being solemn and still"? Tell about the experience.
Chapter 11
4. Imagine you are a reporter, and write an article about the sudden onset of spring in Narnia. 
5. Draw and color in a sketch of the animal party that the Witch encounters in the forest.

THURSDAY, APRIL 19th: There will be a vocabulary QUIZ on your words from Chapter 11 of the novel. The quizlet link is here:

DUE MONDAY, April 16th: Write a story using your vocabulary words from Chapter 11 in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. Words are available here:

Due April 10th: Complete the packet of practice test questions in preparation for Wednesday's ELA Regents exam. To count as a homework grade!

DUE MONDAY, April 9th: Finish reading Chapter 10 of the novel on your own, and answer the study guide questions for the chapter. For those of you who have lost the worksheet, the questions for the chapter are listed below:
1. What was Mrs. Beaver doing while the others were bundling up?  What disagreement does she have with the others?
2. What hope did she say they had?  
3. Why did Mr. Beaver say they should stay down in the valley?  
4. What awakened everyone from their sleep in the cave?  
5. Why did Mr. Beaver rush out when he heard the noise?  
6. What was Father Christmas like, and how did he affect the children?  
7. List the gifts he gave to each member of the party.  Why does Father Christmas say they are “tools, not toys"?
8. Why does the narrator describe Peter’s voice as “pale” on p. 104? 

Due March 27th: Write a sentence for each of the 16 vocabulary words from Chapter 10 of the novel. There will be a quiz on the words WEDNESDAY, March 28th. You may use this Quizlet link to study for your quiz:

DUE MONDAY, March 26th: Write a text message to either the White Witch or Edmund as yourself; OR, write a text message to another character while "being" the White Witch or Edmund. To count as a homework grade!