7th Grade

Short Story Selection: "The Speckled Band," a Sherlock Holmes story, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; "The Monkey's Paw," by W.W. Jacobs; and "A Christmas Carol," by Charles Dickens

Skills: Annotating while reading, story mapping, characterization, context clues

-Unit 1: Clues, red herrings, motives, suspects, deductions, and macabre; averted, averse, morose, metropolis, reverie, aperture, fortnight, amiable, haggard, and erroneous
-Unit 2: placidly, amiably, desirous, condoled, fakir, jarred, presumptuous, fancy, doggedly, talisman, and enthralled


Upcoming Assessments: No homework this weekend, but continue reading your Sherlock Holmes story / working on your projects!

Due on THURSDAY, Nov. 16th: Complete the online webquest on the Victorian Era & the Industrial Revolution. To be graded!

OUTSIDE READING ASSIGNMENT will be due on FRIDAY, Dec. 1st. Select one of the many short stories about Sherlock Holmes and read independently. Then, choose one of the projects listed on your assignment ditto. All projects must by TYPED, unless otherwise stated.

ON THURSDAY, Nov. 8th: There will be a quiz on the following vocabulary words from the "Monkey's Paw" short story: placidly, amiably, desirous, condoled, fakir, jarred, presumptuous, fancy, doggedly, talisman, and enthralled.
Due Nov. 6th: Write a sentence using each of the 10 words assigned in class listed on your "Monkey's Paw" vocabulary worksheet.

Thursday, Nov. 2nd: There will be a TEST on the "Speckled Band." Review the following to prepare for the test:
1) Know the 4 types of mysteries;
2) Review the biography on Dr. Joseph Bell, the REAL Sherlock Holmes;
3) Review the plot of the story, including the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution;
4) review the vocabulary words (deduction, clues, red herrings, etc.); and,
5) be familiar enough with the characters (Helen Stoner, Dr. Watson, Dr. Roylott, and Sherlock Holmes) to identify quotes from them.

Complete page 34 of the guided reading questions on "The Adventures of the Speckled Band" for tomorrow's class (Friday, Oct. 27th). For the weekend, finish the remaining questions on page 35.

Due Oct. 26th: Complete the questions on the reading for Thursday's class.

For Oct. 23rd: Write a sentence using each of the 10 vocabulary words for "The Adventures of the Speckled Band." Also, write another sentence for the word, "deduction."

For Oct. 19th: Complete the packet on "The Adventures of the Speckled Band," for tomorrow's class by finding 2 actors who have starred in a Sherlock Holmes film and writing about their success/failure. Also, please paste the photos of the actor in the spaces provided.