7th Grade

Welcome to 7th Grade ELA!!



Just a few notes as we begin the new week...

We continue our journey with Jonas and The Giver this week.  We will revisit our character webs and add new information.  I will assign new domain specific vocabulary for our reading this week.   We will be answering to guided questions and reflecting on class readings each night for homework.  Don't forget to check the calendar!!

  We are currently working on a research project on bridges.  Last week, I asked the students to select a bridge and collect some research on it.  I gave them a folder to keep all of this information safe.  I need the folder in class every Thursday and Friday.  We will be creating essential questions and answering to them.  I will be sitting with each student to make sure the process is going smoothly!  Please make sure to have enough information in class!!

**There will be no booktalk for March because we are working on the research paper!

Much love,

Mrs. R