7th Grade

Novel Selection: The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton

Skill: Understanding the author's purpose in writing the fictional tale, and use of characterization, dialogue, literary elements, and dramatic elements to tell the story.

Strategy: Story maps & sequencing; character charts; literary devices (imagery, metaphors & similes)


Grammar: Using apostrophes, commas, and semi-colons

Upcoming Assessments:
Due Wednesday, March 29th: For homework tonight, write a letter 
to the police describing why your group's character is EITHER guilty or innocent. Use details and quotes from the text to support your point of view. To be collected & graded!

Due Thursday, March 30th: The "Wanted" posters on your group's character (Bob for Group 1; Sodapop for Group 2; Dally for Group 3; and Johnny for Group 4) are due on Friday. For your posters, please include a character description on their physical appearance, personality, prized possessions, and friends, based on quotes and details from the novel.

Due Monday, April 3rd: Complete the reading comprehension questions on Chapter 4 of The Outsiders:
 1) Why does Ponyboy mean when he says that the socs were "reeling pickled" on page 54?
 2) What major event happens in this chapter? Describe in detail.      3) How did the author foreshadow that Johnny would use his knife (see Chapter 2)?
 4) What would your advice be to Johnny and Ponyboy if they came to you for help (instead of Dally)? Explain.
 5) How did the setting foreshadow the events in this chapter? Explain.
 6) Do you think Bob's death was justified? Why? Explain.

Due Tuesday, April 4th: Write a sentence for 10 of the words from your Chapter 1 vocabulary (affection, automatically, cautious, disgrace, drowsily, fierce, gingerly, hence, instantly, madras, rarities, rivalry, suffocate, tight-knit, trembling, unfathomable). To count as a homework grade!

Due Thursday, April 6th: Complete questions 1 through 4 on the back of the "Peer Questionairre" ditto for class.

Monday, April 10th: There will be a test on Chapters 1 through 4 of The Outsiders, which will largely be based on your reading comprehension questions and your vocabulary words from Chapter 1 (see above).

DUE Wednesday, April 26th: Complete the reading comprehension questions on Chapter 5 of The Outsiders for a homework grade.

Due Thursday, April 27th: Complete the lessons in your Simple Solutions textbook assigned to you by Mrs. Steeneck today for homework.