7th Grade

Welcome to 7th Grade ELA!!

 Hand Writing With Pen.png

This week we continue enjoying  Writer's Workshop.  I asked the students to have a floppy binder, pencil case, pens, and looseleaf.  It is necessary for them to have the supplies, so they can stay organized.  I divide the binder in two parts: writing and grammar. 

  On Tuesday, I will be revisiting Smiley-Face-Tricks.  We will be using these tricks to make our writing powerful.  We will review new domain specific vocabulary, and we will practice focus and survey shares. The students will be writing independently, and I will be conferencing with individuals.  I ask them to add to their piece a little each night.  They have been given the interactive rubric for grading.  This piece will be due before Thanksgiving.

***We are also working on essay writing.  We will revisit the introduction with a strong lead and claim.  We will write body paragraphs that contain details that back up the claim.  We will write conclusions that restate the introduction and leave the reader with new knowledge. This is a skill that is so important, and we will continue practicing!***

 **Don't forget about your "Booktalk" for November!  You did such an awesome job last month; let's keep it going!!

 The standards we will hit this week include: Language #6, Writing #2.

Much love,

Mrs. R