8th Grade

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This week finds us finishing up  "An Hour With Abuelo".  **Don't forget that we changed the domain-specific vocabulary test to Monday.  Some people have trouble running in the heat... :)  You will be diving deeper as you work in groups to complete your guided questions.  I will be spending quality time with each group so we can revisit elements of a short story, plot structure, point of view, character development, theme...etc.  The standards we will hit this week are: Language #6, Reading Literature #2 & #3.

We will be starting with writer's workshop as we begin our first piece. 

 **Don't forget about COOP class.  This week, I will see you two times during study hall.  We will be working on usage and reading comprehension.  I'd also like to revisit spelling and vocabulary!

**If I don't have your picture, please get it to me this week!  I want to see all of your beautiful faces on my bulletin board!!

Much love,

Mrs. R