ELA Classroom Rules

Welcome to Ms. Sequino's English Language Arts Class!

On this sheet you will find information important for you to know in order to do well in this class...

Class Rules

1. Be on time for class each day. “On time” means being in your seat BEFORE the bell rings.

2. After you are seated, complete the “Do Now” activities on the board.

3. Come prepared every day, with ALL books and materials necessary for class.

4. Raise your hand for permission to speak.

5. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

6. Show RESPECT toward the teacher, your classmates, and school property.

***NOTE: Talking or disrupting class will result in discipline. The first demerit will result in a call home; the second, lunch detention with me; the third, a meeting with the principal and your parents, resulting in possible suspension from school.***

Class time is learning time. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy toward any student behavior that takes time away from another person’s education. 

Homework, Tests, and Quizzes

     ALL homework, tests, and quizzes will be posted on my web page daily. Homework will always be checked or collected at the beginning of class. Homework assignments handed in a day late will receive half credit. After that, the zero for that homework assignment cannot be changed.


     It is YOUR responsibility to find out what information, notes, assignments, etc. you missed due to absence. All missed work must be made up, or your grade is a zero. Again, ALL WORK IS POSTED ON THE WEB PAGE.