Religion Grade 5
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       Welcome to Religion                    

During the course of this year, students will be learning in their textbooks, Jesus Christ shares his life with us, Confirmation and Eucharist complete out initiations, The sacraments of healing restore us and We love and serve as Jesus did. Students will be doing readings and fun activities in the Venture magazine. Some of the projects we will be doing this year are 5 silences of Mother Teresa, What are you thankful for book?, Advent activities, and Saint's project.
During the school year, we will be having days that students will be bringing their bibles to school. They will be learning how to read the bible and reading bible verses.  

Week of Nov. 28th to Dec 2nd
Monday-  Homework
             5 facts about the Jesse tree
Week of Dec.5th to Dec 9th
Wednesday- Homework
                   Bring in 4 toilet paper rolls for advent wreath activity due 12/14
Week of Dec.19th to Dec 23rd
Tuesday- Bring bible to school day  Thursday 12/22
Week of Jan 23rd to Jan 27th   
Thursday- Find a bible verse that connects to you 
Week of Jan30th to Feb 3rd    ‚Äč
Take home chapter 3 test due Monday