Science Grades 5-8
      Welcome to Middle school Science            
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   Welcome to Mrs.Goldfader Classroom
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A great 2018/2019 school year awaits
 I am Mrs. Goldfader the science and health teacher for 5th through 8th grade. I graduated from Dowling College in 2014.This will be my third year at St. Joseph's school. My teaching philosophy is teaching students in different ways. The learning ways I use is visual, hands on and auditory learning. This will help students understand the curriculum in many different ways.
 I run the P.E. Fit Friday Club. This is a organized physical education club. This gives students the opportunity to learn cooperation, leadership, teamwork skills and organization. P.E. Fit Fridays will teach students the basic fundamental skills of a sport or activity before getting into game play. The activities that will be taught in this Club are, Volleyball, 5 Components of Fitness (cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition) Basketball, Soccer, European handball, Flag Football, Hockey and much more. This club is a great way for students to learn new activities that they never played before. One of the highlights for this club would be our March Madness tournament. This would be a 3V3  basketball tournament held through the month of March.         
General science is the main focus for fifth grade.  Topics in fifth grade include Life, Physical, Earth science, and space and technology
Physical Science is the main focus for sixth grade.  Physical science will include landforms and the diversity of living things, chemistry, geology, the atmosphere and earth’s waters.
Life science is the main focus for seventh grade.  Life science will include Genetics, cell, marine, molecular biology and anatomy.
Earth Science is the main focus for Eighth grade.  Earth science will include chemical building blocks, earthquakes, volcanos, rock cycle, minerals and forces and energy.   

My lessons will contain the following to keep students engaged during science lesson. There will be hands on activities, notes from the PowerPoint, educational videos, interactive learning and visual learning.  I want the students to be involved in the lesson as much as possible.

In science, each grade will be doing many exciting labs and projects. Fifth grade will be doing photosynthesis labs, seeing how the leaves get their color and seeing how plants soak up the color in their roots. They will also be making the layers of the earth out of clay and learning weather patterns and becoming a weatherman or woman. Sixth grade will be doing periodic table labs and motion and force labs and making a roller coaster. Seventh grade will be doing genetic labs and  human body activities. Eighth grade will be doing rock labs, earthquake news letter, weather pattern project and solar system lab.   

Kaitlin Goldfader
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