5th Grade Science
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5th Grade Science
Success is science; if you have the conditions, you will get the results                                                                                   ~Wilde
Chapter 1: Classifying Organisms 
Lesson 1: Why do we classify? 
Lesson 2: How do we classify vertebrates? 
Lesson 3: How do we classify invertebrates? 
Lesson 4: How are other organisms classified? 

Week of September 5th through 8th
Tuesday- Get hand out signed for science and health
Wednesday- Handout Compare/ Contrast & Vocab for lesson 1: classify, kingdom, phylum, class, species, organism and classification. 
Thursday- (Due Monday) 5 facts about Lewis and Clark, read lesson 2 page 10-17 & finish Ckpt questions #1-3
Week of September 11th to 15th
Monday- Vocab works for lesson 2: Vertebrate, mammal, reptile, amphibian, larva & metamorphosis.
Tuesday- Finish WB page 5A & highlight font of ditto/ ckpt questions on the back #1-7 
Wednesday- Vocab words from lesson 4: Invertebrate, mollusks, worms, arthropods, cnidarians, pups, chrysalis, dichotomous & arachnid. 
Chapter 1 test Friday 9/22 ( date could change) 
Thursday- Lesson 3 Ckpt questions 1-3 & WB page- 6A due Monday 
Week of September 18th to 22nd 
Monday- questions #1-17 from lesson 1-3 
Tuesday- Vocab for lesson 4: vascular, nonvascular, multicellular, moss, fern, conifer, fungi, protist, eubacteria and archaebacteria.
Chapter 1 test date changed its Monday 9/25 
Wednesday-Ckpt questions for lesson 4 & WB page 7A 
Quizlet study link for chapter 1 test:
Thursday- Study guide was given out in class; finish study guide 
Friday- Study for chapter 1 test & go on quizlet 

Chapter 2: Cells to Systems 
Lesson 1: What is inside a cell?
Lesson 2: How do cells work together? 
Lesson 3: How do organs work together?

Week of September 25th to 29th 

Monday- Test day 
Tuesday- Vocab words for lesson 1: Cell membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm, cell wall, chloroplast, respiration, chromosome, gene, mitochondria, vacuole & get test signed
Wednesday- Read lesson 1 page 39-41
Thursday- CKpt questions 1-4 & WB page 14A due Monday 
Week of October 2nd to October 6th
Monday- Questions from lesson 1 #1-8 & put vocab words on index cards (10 words were on board)
Tuesday- No H.
Wednesday- Read lesson 2 Pages 42-45
Vocab quiz Tuesday October 10th on lesson 1-3 (15 words) 
Thursday- Define 15 vocab words on study guide & put words on index cards
Friday- Half day 
Week of October 9th to 13th
Monday- No school 
Tuesday- Study for quiz 
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- Vocab for lesson 3: Organ system, skeletal system, muscles, bines, bone cell, nervous system & circulatory system, get quiz signed & Study bones and muscle sheets Chapter 2 Test October 23rd (date could change) 
Friday- Health day
Week of October 16th to October 20th
Monday- QUIZLET for chapter 2 test : https://quizlet.com/_3uxi1j
Tuesday-Field Trip