6th Grade Science
Molecule.pngWelcome to 6th grade science

Week of March 20th to March 24th
Monday- WB Page 113-114
            -Vocab page 264
Tuesday- flash cards for section 1 & 2 vocab
Week of March 27th to March 31st
Monday- Page 272 #1ab, 2ab, 3abc & 4abc
Tuesday through Thursday- no science due to ELA testing
Chapter 8 vocab quiz Friday 4/7
Friday- Gave out vocab words 
          - Study 25 vocab words from chapter 8
Week of April 3rd to April 7th
Monday- Page 281 # 1abc, 2abc 3ab
Tuesday- Page 284 Vocab for section 4
Thursday- Study for chapter 8 vocab quiz
Week of April 24th to April 28th
Monday- Page 308 Vocab for section 1
Tuesday- page 311 # 1abc, 2abc
Wednesday- Ditto on section 1 front & back
Week of May 1st to May 5th
Monday- Speed and velocity ditto
Week of May 8th to May 12th
Monday- WB pages 130-132
           - ditto front and back
Week of May 15th to May 19th
Monday- Finish roller coaster lab
Tuesday- page 325 #1abc, 2ab, 3abc
Thursday- Study for upcoming test
Chapter 9 test Wednesday May 24th
Week of May22nd to May 27th
Tuesday- Review guide given out 
             - Test changed to Thursday May 25th
May 30th to June 2nd 
Tuesday- Get test signed 
Friday- WB page 137- 138 
          - Vocab page 340 
June 5th to June 9th 
Health test was given out due June 7th 

Monday- Read and outline section3 pages 349-352 
Tuesday- Read/ outline section 5 & 6 due Thursday June 8th 
Chapter 10 test June 9th
Wednesday- Study for Chapter 10 test Friday June 9th