6th Grade Science
      Welcome to 6th grade Physical Science
A person who never made a mistake never tired anything new      
                                                                          ~ Albert Einstein 

Chapter 3: Solids, Liquids, and Gases 
Section1: States of matter 
Section 2: Changes of state

Section 3: Gas Behavior 
section 4: Graphing Gas Behavior 

Week of September 4th to 7th 
Tuesday- Look over first day sheet have you and parent/guardian sign (due 7th) & read section 1 page 70-75
Vocab words given out quiz 9/18
Wednesday- Define vocab words 
Thursday- Finish ditto (given in class) & WB pages 35- 37
Friday- Read/ notes from section 2 & put vocab words on flashcards 

Week of September 10th to 14th 
Monday- Ditto front/back 
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- Questions page 89 #1abc, 2abc
Thursday- Ditto front/back 
Friday- Health day 

Week of September 17th to 21st 

Monday- Study for vocab quiz 
Chapter 3 test 9/26 (date could change) 
Tuesday- Read section 4 
Wednesday- Questions page 93 do ALL 
Thursday- Read all sections and look over notes 
Friday- Ditto front/back & start studying for test

Week of September 24th to 28th 
Monday- Study guide was given out; finish study guide 
Tuesday- Study for test 
Wednesday- Chapter 3 test
Thursday- Test corrections for chapter 3 
Friday- No H.W

Chapter 4: Elements and the periodic table 
section 1: Introduction to Atoms
section 2: Organizing the Elements
section 3: Metals 
section 4:Nonmetals and Metalloids 
section 5: Radioactive Elements  

Week of October 1st to 5th 
Monday- Look over notes for section 1 and read section 
Tuesday- Finish questions on page 108 do ALL 
Wednesday- Ditto front/back (due Tuesday) 
Thursday- Health day 
Friday- Half day 

Week of October 8th to 12th 
Monday- No school
Tuesday- Put 1-20 elements on index cards  
Periodic Table 1-20 elements quiz 10/17
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- Element practice ditto & quiz signed 
Friday- Questions page 117 # 1abc, 2abc & 3ab & study for elements quiz  

Week of October 15th to 19th 
Monday- ditto front/back & study for 1-20 element quiz 
Tuesday- No school 
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- Put elements 21-40 on index cards 
Element 21-40 quiz October 30th 
Friday- Health day 

Week of October 22nd to 26th
Monday- Finish #1-4 questions for element project 
Element project given out: Due November 13th 
Tuesday- Read section 3 pages 118-125
Wednesday- Finish Periodic Table scavenger hunt lab 
Thursday- No H.W 
Friday- No school 

Week of October 29th to November 2nd 
Monday- Study for elements 21-40 quiz
Tuesday- Ditto on element groups  
Wednesday- Instagram cover 
Thursday- No H.W
Friday- WB pages 55-58
Progress reports were given out (due Monday 11/5) 

Week of November 5th to 9th 
Monday- Questions for section 3
Chapter 4 test 11/20

Tuesday- No school 
Wednesday- Questions page 135 do ALL & WB pages 59-62
Thursday- Field trip 

Week of November 13th to 16th 
Monday- No school 
Tuesday- finish lab 
Wednesday- look over section 5 and add more notes & questions page 143 ALL 
Thursday- Ditto front/back 
Friday- Chapter 4 review guide given out; finish for homework 

Week of November 19th to 21st 

Monday- Study for Chapter 4 test 
Tuesday- Chapter 4 test 
Wednesday- Half day 
Friday- No school 

Chapter 5: Atoms and Bonding 
Section 1: Atoms, Bonding, and the Periodic Table 
Section 2:Ionic Bonds
Section 3:Covalent Bonds
Section 4: Bonding in Metals 

Week of November 26th to 30th 
Monday- Read chapter 5 section 1 pages 150-156 & finish defining vocab words 
Chapter 5 vocab words given out: quiz December 11th 
Tuesday- valence electron practice 
Wednesday- Questions page 156 ALL 
Thursday- finish WB 69-71
Friday- Health 

Week of December 3rd to 7th 
Monday- Finish lab on page 157 # 1-4
Tuesday- Section 1 ditto front/back  
Wednesday- Finish bonding basics sheet 
Thursday- 2 examples for ionic compounds 
Friday- Read 162-163 

Week of December 10th to 14th 
Monday- Study for chapter 5 vocab quiz 
Tuesday- Practice sheet for section 2 
Wednesday- WB page 72-75 & ditto front/back (due Monday)
Thursday- Health day 
Friday- Half day  

Week of December 17th to 21st
Monday- No H.W
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- Questions page 171 do ALL 
Chapter 5 test 1/9 ( date could change) 

Week of January 2nd to 4th

Wednesday- Questions page 177 do ALL 
Thursday- ditto front/back & start studying for chapter 5 (due Monday) 
Friday- Half day 

Week of January 7th to 11th 
Monday- Study guide was given out: finish for H.W
Tuesday- Study for chapter 5 test 
Wednesday- Chapter 5 test 
Thursday- Assembly 
Friday- Health 

Week of January 14th to 18th 
Monday- finish defining chapter 6 vocab words 
Chapter 6 vocab words given out: Quiz 1/31
Tuesday- Read/outline section 1 pages 184- 191
Wednesday- Questions page 191 # 1abc & 2abc 
Thursday- Section 1 ditto front/back 
Friday- No H.W

Week of January 21st to 25th 
Monday- No School 
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- Read outline pages 194- 197 
Thursday- Read pages 198-199
Friday- Health day 

Week of January 28th to February 1st 
Monday- Balancing equation ditto 
Balancing equation quiz 2/5
Tuesday- Second balancing equation ditto 
Wednesday- Study for chapter 6 vocab quiz 

Week of February 4th to 8th 
Monday- WB page 87-90 & study for balancing equations quiz
Tuesday- Ditto front/back 
Wednesday- No H.W 
Thursday- No class 
Progress reports given out today: due 2/11 
Chapter 6 test 3/4
Friday- No H.W 
Science experiment paragraph due 2/28 and project due March 21st 

Week of February  11th to 15th 
Monday- Do ALL questions on page 209

Week of February 25th to March 1st 
Monday- look over chapter 6 and notes from that chapter 
Tuesday- ditto front/back
Wednesday- Study guide given out: finish for H.W
Thursday- Study for chapter 6 
Friday- Half day 

Week of March 4th to 8th 
Monday- Chapter 6 test 
Tuesday- finish defining chapter 7 vocab words 
chapter 7 vocab quiz: 3/19 
Wednesday- no H.W 
Teacher for the day project was given out: due 3/15
Thursday- No H.W
Friday- Health day 

Week of March 11th to 15th 
Monday- work on google slides 
Tuesday- Work on google slides
Wednesday- Work on google slides 
Thursday- No H.W 
Friday- Slides due Monday & study for vocab quiz 

Week of March 18th to 22nd 

Monday- Study for chapter 7 quiz 
Tuesday- Read/outline section 1
Wednesday- No H.W 
Science fair project due tomorrow 

Week of March 25th to 29th 
Monday- Finish solute lab 
Tuesday- Finish reading/outling section 2
Wednesday- Finish questions on page 235 do ALL 
Thursday- Ditto front/back 
Friday- Ditto for lesson 1&2

Week of April 1st to 5th 
Monday- No H.W 
Tuesday- Read/outline section 3
Wednesday- No H.W 
Chapter 7 test: 4/17   
Thursday- Finish section 3 questions 
Friday- Half day 

Week of April 8th to 12th 
Monday-Finish reading/outlining section 4
Tuesday- No H.W 
Wednesday- Finish section 4 questions 
Thursday- Finish reading/outlining section 5
Friday- Health day 

Week of April 15th to 17th 
Monday- WB page 109-110
Tuesday- finish making study guide & study for chapter 7 test 
Wednesday- Chapter 7 test 

Week of April 29th to May 3rd

Monday- Finish chapter 8 vocab words 
Chapter 8 vocab quiz: May 14th 
Tuesday- No H.W 
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- Ditto front/back

Week of May 6th to 10th 

Monday- Read/outline pages 264-268
Tuesday- No H.W 
Wednesday- Read / outline rest of section 2
Thursday- Ditto front/back (due Monday)  
Chapter 8 test: 5/29 
Friday- Health day 

Week of May 13th to 17th 
Monday- Study for chapter 8 vocab quiz 
Tuesday- No H.W 

Week of May28th to 31st 
Monday- Study for chapter 8 test