8th Grade Science

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Welcome to 8th Grade Science

Week of March 20th to March 24th
Monday-Vocab page 684
Week of March 27th to March 31st
Monday- Finish reading and outlining section 5 pages 684-691
Chapter 19 test April 6th
Tuesday- page 691 # 1abc, 2ab, 3ab, 4abc
Wednesday- WB page 297-301
Thursday- coach book lessons #21-23
Week of April 3rd to April 7th
Monday- No science had space day in the afternoon
Review guide was given out in class
Tuesday- Finish up review guide 
            - Study for chapter 19 test
Wednesday- Study for chapter 19 test
                 - Test tomorrow
Week of April 24th to April 28th
​Monday- Get test signed 
             -Coach book lessons # 24, 25 & 26
Wednesday- Look over June 2014 test and coach book. Quiz on Tuesday