8th Grade Science

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         Welcome to 8th Grade Earth Science  
Science is a beautiful gift to humanity, we should not distort it  
                                                                                     ~Abdul Kalam

Chapter 3: Minerals 
Section 1: Properties of Minerals 
Section 2: How Minerals Form 
Section 3 : Using Mineral Resources 

Week of September 5th through 8th
Tuesday- Get hand out signed for science and health 
Wednesday- vocab page 66, reread sec 1 up to page 71 & highlight notes/ add notes            Thursday- Page 71 Math Analyzing data & Questions on page 74 # 1abc,2abc, 3 
Friday- Ditto front/ back 
Week of September 11th to 15th
Monday- Read section2 page 76-79
Tuesday- Vocab page 76 & highlight notes/ add notes 
Wednesday-  Ditto for section 2 questions # 1-6
Chapter 3 test Friday 9/22 ( date could change) 
Thursday- Read section 3 page 80-85 & Vocab page 80 due Monday
Week of September 18th to 22nd 
Monday- Page 85 questions #1abc,2abc
Tuesday- Finish Lab & questions from section 3 
Wednesday- Ditto front/back & Read sections 1-3 
Chapter 3 test date changed its Monday 9/25 
Thursday- https://quizlet.com/_3qezh1    Study guide 
               Finish questions #1-5 & start making study guide for test on Monday 
Friday- Study for chapter 3 test & go on quizlet for extra review 

Chapter 4: Rocks  
Section 1: Classifying rocks 
Section 2: Igneous rocks 
Section 3 : Sedimentary rocks 
Section 4 :Rocks from reefs 
Section 5: Metamorphic rocks 
Section 6: The rock cycle 

Week of September 25th to 29th 

Monday- Test day 
Tuesday- Finish outline for section1, vocab page 94 & get test signed 
Wednesday- Ditto front/back 
Thursday- Read/ outline section2 page 98- 101 & questions page 101 #1abc,2abc due Monday 
Week of October 2nd to October 6th
Monday- Finish ditto front/back & questions from Section 1 and 2 
Tuesday- Read section 3 page 102- 106 & vocab page 102 
Wednesday- Questions page 106 #1abc,2abc, 3ab & put Section 1-2 vocab words on index cards 
Vocab quiz on sections 1-4 on Tuesday October 10th 
Thursday- Ditto front/ back & study for vocab quiz 
Friday- Questions page 109 #1abc,2ab & study for vocab quiz on Tuesday 
Week of October 9th to 13th 
Monday- NO school 
Tuesday- Finish WB page 60-62, Ditto front/back & questions from section3-4
Wednesday- Questions on page 112 # 1ab,2abc, 3b, WB page 63-65, Ditto front/back & get quiz signed  due Monday 
Thursday- Questions, WB & ditto 
Friday- Health day 
Week of October 16th to October 20th
Monday- Testing 
Tuesday- Field trip 
Wednesday- Read section 2 page 98- 101 and read over notes 
Thursday- Testing 
Friday- Testing 
Progress reports sent out please sign and hand back by Friday October 27th 
Week of October 23rd to 27th
Monday- Finish lab questions 
Tuesday- No school 
Wednesday- Finish rock cycle, questions page 116 #1abc & read section 6 
Thursday- Review page 119 chart, #1-6, page 120 #7-12 & study for chapter 4 test due Monday 
Friday- Health day 
Week of October 30th to November 3rd
Monday- Finish review guide 
Review guide given out in class for chapter 4 test 
Tuesday- Study for chapter 4 test that's on Thursday 
Wednesday- No school 
Thursday- Test day 
Friday-  Vocab for section 1, Put 1-6 on index cards(vocab quiz sheet) 
Vocab quiz on chapter 5 key terms 11/15 

Chapter 5: Plate Tectonics 
Section 1: Earth's Interior
Section 2: Convection and the Mantle 
Section 3: Drifting Continents 
Section 4: Sea-floor spreading 
Section 5: The Theory of Plate Tectonics 

Week of November 6th- 10th 
Monday- No H.W 
Tuesday- No school 
Wednesday- Questions page 131 #1ab, 2abc & get test signed
Thursday- Ditto front/back & questions for project( homework grade)  
Friday- No school  

Week of November 13th to 17th 
Monday- No H.W
Tuesday- Study for vocab quiz 
Wednesday- Questions for section 1 
Thursday- Finish project due Monday & get quiz signed 
Friday-Health day 

Week of November 20th to 22nd
Monday- Ditto front/back 
Tuesday- Read/outline pages 139-140 & do questions page 140 #1ab, 2abc, 3ab
Wednesday- No science
Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving 
Friday- No school

Week of November 27th to December 1st  
Monday- Questions from section 3 #1-5
Tuesday- Read section 3 starting on page 141 
Chapter 5 test 12/11 ( date could change) 
Wednesday- Questions page 147 #1abc, 2abc & 3ab
Thursday- WB page 78-79 & ditto front/back 
Friday- Finish lab questions 

Week of December 4th to 8th 
Monday- Read section 3 and look over notes 
Tuesday- Questions on page 154 # 1abc & 2abc 
Chapter 5 test date changed to Wednesday 12/13 
Wednesday- Questions from section 5 due Monday 
Thursday- Health day 
Friday- No school 

Chapter 6: Earthquake 
Section1: Forces in Earth's Crust 
Section 2: Earthquakes and Seismic Waves 
Section 3: Monitoring Earthquakes 
Section 4: Earthquake Safety

Week of December 11th to 15th 
Monday- Review guide was given out in class. Finish for H.W 
Tuesday- Study for chapter 5 test 
Wednesday-Test day  
Thursday- Read section 1 page 162- 168
Vocab words for chapter 6 given out: Quiz on Jan 4th 
Friday- No H.W

Week of December 18th to 22nd 
Monday- Vocab words page 162, Test corrections & get test signed 
Tuesday- Go over section 1 vocab words 
Wednesday- Bring in index cards 
Thursday- Study for vocab quiz 1/4 
Friday- Half day 


Week of January 2nd to 5th 
Monday- Read section 1 page 162-168 and look over notes 
Tuesday- Evidence of movement along faults ditto & Study for Vocab 
If snow day tomorrow chapter 6 vocab quiz will be Friday 1/5 

Week of January 8th to 12th 
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- Read/outline pages 169- 171 & draw diagram of waves in notebook. 
Thursday- Read and look over notes from section 2, page 174 questions #1-4 Seismic wave speeds & get quiz signed ( Due Tuesday) 
Friday- Health Day 

Week of January 16th to 19th
Tuesday- Ditto front/back 
Newspaper earthquake project given out today in class. Its due February 2nd 
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- WB pages 89-91 
Friday- Read section 3 pages 178-183

Week of January 22nd to 26th 
Monday- Finish lab 
Tuesday- Finish reading and outlining section 3 pages 178-183
Wednesday- Questions page 183 # 1abc, 2abc & 3abc
Chapter 6 test 2/7
Reminder Earthquake project due 2/2
Thursday- No H.W
Friday- Health Day 

Week of January 29th to February 2nd 
Monday- Catholic school week project did not see for science 
Tuesday- WB page 92- 94
Wednesday- Finish lab 
Thursday- Read pages 190-191, questions on page 191 #1ab,2abc, &3ab
Earthquake projects due tomorrow 2/2 
Friday- WB page 95-97 & ditto front/back 

Week of February 5th to 9th 
Monday- Study guide was given out Finish study guide 

Tuesday- Study for chapter 6 test 
Wednesday- Test Day 
Progress reports were given out today please sign and give back by Monday 2/12 
Thursday- No H.W
Friday- Health Day

Week of February 12th to 16th
Monday- Get test signed 
Chapter 7 vocab words given out in class today: Quiz 2/27
Tuesday- Finish multiple choice quiz  

Chapter 7: Volcanoes
Section 1: Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics 
Section 2: Properties of Magma
Section 3: Volcanic Eruptions 
Section 4: Volcanic Landforms 

Week of February 26th to March 2nd 
Monday-Study for quiz
Tuesday- Look through chapter 11 in coach book to fix questions & get quiz signed 
Wednesday- Ditto front/back 
Thursday- IN COACH BOOK: read and outline (type and print out) lessons 8-11 (due Tuesday) 
Friday- No School 

Week of March 5th to 9th 
Monday- Finish lab & coach book lessons (typed) 
Tuesday- Read section 2 pages 205-208 & coach book page 22-23 (Due Thursday) 
Wednesday- SNOW DAY 
Thursday- 2 hour delay
Friday- Health Day 

Week of March 19th to 23rd 
Monday- Read/ outline lessons 12-15 & Study for lesson 8-11 quiz 
Tuesday- Read/ outline lesson 16-18 
Quiz on lessons 12-18 3/28 
Wednesday- ED
Thursday- Snow Day 
Friday- Read and outline lessons 16-18 & study for quiz on lessons 12-18

Week of March 26th to 28th 
Monday- Study lessons 12-18 
Tuesday- Study lessons 12-18
Wednesday- Science fair packet was given out & read/outline lessons 19-28 due April 10th 

Week of April 9th to 13th 
Monday- Read section 3 look over notes & put vocab words on page 209 in notebook 
Tuesday- Do multiple questions for each lesson 20-28 (due Thursday)
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- Coach book: read/outline and do multiple choice questions for lessons 29-32( due Tuesday) 
Friday- Health day 

Week of April 16th to 20th 
Monday- WB pages 105-109
Tuesday- Coach book: Read/ outline and multiple choice questions on lessons 33-37 ( due Tuesday) 
Wednesday- Field Trip
Thursday- Jr Achievement program 
Friday- No H.W 

Week of April 23rd to 27th
Monday- Coach book lessons 29-32
Tuesday- Coach Book lessons 38-40 read/outline and do multiple choice questions (due Tuesday) 
* Science fair is Thursday 26th at 6pm-8pm Please bring projects to school on Thursday 

April 30th to May 4th 
Monday- Look over test and do test corrections 
Tuesday- Read/ outline section 3 pages 220-223 
Chapter 7 test 5/14 
Thursday- Coach lessons 41&42 read/outline do questions ( Due Monday) & do questions 53-60 
Friday- Finish long answer packet 

Week of May 7th to 11th 
Monday- Make study guide for chapter 7 test 5/14 (due Monday) & coach book lesson 43-45 read/outline and do questions (Due Tuesday)
Tuesday- Coach book lessons 46&47 due Monday 
Wednesday- Field trip 
Thursday- No H.W
Progress reports given out due Monday 5/14

Week of May 14th to 18th 
Monday- Coach lessons: read/ outline and do questions 48-53 due Thursday  
Tuesday- No H.W
Chapter 9 vocab words given out: Quiz 5/30
Wednesday- Put chapter 9 vocab words in notebook 
Thursday- Coach lesson: Read/ outline and do questions 54-44 

Week of May 21st to 25th
Tuesday- Coach lessons: Read/ outline and do questions 56-60 ( due Thursday) 
Wednesday- Coach Lessons & finish lab 
Thursday- Coach lessons: read/outline and do questions 61-73 (due next Friday) 

Week of May 29th to June 1st 
Monday- OFF 
Tuesday- Retreat 
Wednesday- No H.W
Part one of NYS science test tomorrow 
Friday- Study for part 2 NYS test 

Week of June 4th to 8th 
Monday-No H.W
Tuesday- Finish reading/outline section 2
Chapter 9 open textbook test June 11th 
Wednesday- Read/outline section 3&4
Thursday- No H.W
Friday- Health day 

Week of June 11th to 15th
Monday- No H.W
Tuesday- No H.W