Health 5th-8th
Dancing People.png Welcome to Health

         During the school year, you child will be doing a health course.  Health will be either once a week or every other week on Friday depending on the class week. Some of the topics in Health we will be covering are Nutrition, Human Body,  Understanding Health and Wellness, Physical Activity, Five Components of Fitness, Personal Safety, and Communicable and Noncommunicable diseases. 
          In Health, we will be doing projects and fun activities that go along with the Health curriculum.  After each Health lesson, there will be assigned homework that will be due on the next Health day. 

Due March 24th
5th - In class project ( no homework)
6th- What are the 5 components of fitness and give example of exercise or sport for each component
7th-What is your favorite sport? What are the benefits of playing that sport? What is one thing you would like to improve in that sport?
8th- Look up exercises and activities that can help you improve your physical fitness level. Why would thy help you?
Due April 7th
5th- For 5 days make a chart of what foods you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. Bring in magazines/ newspaper pictures of food for activity  
6th- Think about a fitness goal you want to accomplish. What is the goal? How can this goal help you become more active during the week
7th- Health skills activity page 93
8th-Make up a fitness plan for the week. Make sure to use the F.I.T.T principle  
Due May 12th
5th- In class project ( no homework)
6th- Read article on page 138. Write paragraph on how you can stay fit for life.
7th #8 on page 148
8th- Page 226-227 Building Health Skills
Due May 26th
5th-Read page B42-B47, Look at a food label and say if its a healthy choice or not to eat
6th- Make a Ad about the importance of going to the dentist
7th- Describe how self confidence might benefit your health?
        -What are some ways you can boost your own self esteem
8th - Read pages 234-242 and do question #6 on page 242
Due June 8th 
5th-page B55 # 6 & why are fad diets not good for you 
6th- Page 158 #5 & page 162 #4 
7th- Page 155 #7 & page 158 # 7 
8th- Page 247 #6 & Page 251 #4 and 5 
Health test due June 7th for grades 5,6 &7