Social Studies

From the Desk of Mr. Clareen


A Message from Mr. Clareen


October 20, 2017


I hope the 2017-2018 school year has been treating you and your family well thus far, cannot believe it is almost Halloween! Each and every day I am constantly amazed by the growth, both academically and socially, of our students at St. Joseph School; as they continue to show me their many talents. Thank you for giving me the privilege to work with them, it is truly a pleasure.

We have been rather busy in middle school social studies, and there is no sign of slowing down. In fifth grade we just wrapped up our discussion of the three branches of government and now we have begun to explore the numerous ancient and present-day Native American tribes. Meanwhile, we have discovered the critical importance agriculture and the domestication of animals had upon society during the Neolithic Revolution (the students can tell you that a revolution does not always have to be a conflict) with our sixth graders. Additionally, the Class of 2019 has been steadily making its way down the path of the “Making of America”, having ventured into the lives of Native Americans and European Explorers. Lastly, the leading class this year already has honed their skills and knowledge of life after the Civil War and is finishing their discovery of Westward Expansion, at the conclusion of the nineteenth century.

Each week “Current Event Fridays” continue to be popular with the kids, allowing them to understand and give their voice to the many issues facing our global society today. Some of our topics have included the decision to take down historical statues, President Trump’s visit to the United Nations, and the recent visit of Pope Francis to South America. They are most certainly becoming civically minded young adults!

In order to increase communication between home and school, I will be sending out progress reports, via mail, to each house outlining your students’ progress thus far in the first trimester. Please be on the lookout for them on the week of November 6th. Once received, please sign and have your student return it back to my classroom. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through the main office or my email,

Yours in History,

Mr. Clareen
Social Studies Teacher