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Students are required to read nightly to prepare for the American History study. Many concepts will be connected to our language arts course topics and literature in both grades. All work will require outside research and connection to current events is required. Students should read or listen to the news daily and discuss topics at home. 

Civic awareness and service are emphasized.  As we study the history of the United States, we will be connecting to past lessons and examining this history as it relates to us as citizens. Continue the good progress. Look for interesting people, places, and things to share with the class! 

Students in the classes will be developing a Civil Rights Study throughout the year which will incorporate historical developments with current topics and personal reflections and evaluations.  I am incorporating reading and writing strategies which can assist students in examining texts in all subjects.

Weekly discussions incorporate current topics with shared ideas and interpretations designed to allow and encourage each student to become informed and empowered citizens. Students should be proactive in their research of current topics and continue during the summer months. 

Best Always,

Mr. Clareen
Social Studies Teacher

Daily Homework for Grades 5-8 will always be to come to class prepared to share a current event news story. Always make sure students read at least one news article per day and/or watch 15-30 minutes of the news each day. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the above email address.

Beginning on January 30, 2017 Mr. Clareen will be initiating random notebook, binder, and workbook checks in order to ensure students are completing their necessary work and keeping their work organized. These checks will be at the discretion of Mr. Clareen and will count as a quiz grade for their class average. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the school.  

Extra Help is available to all students on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, from 2:30pm-3:10pm. As well, students may receive extra help during the school day in the Study Hall period.

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