8th Grade Mission Statement

‚Äč8th Grade Mission Statement
2016-2017 School Year 

The St. Joseph School graduating Class of 2017 will make this school a better one than when we first came through fostering relationships with our teachers and striving for academic excellence. We will make it our priority to actively study, listen, focus, and participate with never ending perseverance. The 8th grade class will become a beacon of assurance to the younger students of the school so that they will know that they could do well like us. We will also share our plethora of knowledge with our successors of the school. With the memories and the experiences we have, we will continue to develop our friendships for as long as possible. By developing strong relationships with each other, we will therefore develop strong relationships with God. Despite our departure from St. Joseph School, we will forever be grateful for our memorable experiences that have endured upon us through our many years with the students and teachers. 

Pledged this day; October 25, 2016

Lauren, Dominic, Nick, Matthew, Ava, Aaron, Ethan and Tim

8th Grade Psalm
2016-2017 School Year

"May we be instruments of God's wisdom through the blessings we continuously receive. Let us use our God-given gifts out of gratitude to spread the Word of God. May we continue to recognize these gifts forever and share them with all other members of our church family."