8th Grade Mission Statement

‚Äč8th Grade Mission Statement
2017-2018 School Year 

We, as the 8th grade Class of 2018, strive to create a lasting legacy at St. Joseph’s School. As an 8th grade class we will set a good example for the younger students through building a community, with the goal of teaching them responsibility and leadership. Through hard work and determination, we will excel in our academics and set time aside for our extracurricular activities. We will be faithful to God by practicing our faith, praying and attending mass. As a class we will preach the Good News to not only our school, but our entire community.  

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Katie, Victoria, Tatiana, Giavanna, Rohan, Joseph, Victor, Jessica, Gavin, Elizabeth, Emily, Ralph, Crystal, Jordan, Emma, and Alexis. 

8th Grade Psalm
2017-2018 School Year