Primary Grades K-4
A very important consideration in foreign language instruction for students in grades K-4 is the enjoyment of language learning. Students must enjoy the activities in the language learning process.  The foreign language program utilizes the experiences of the students at each grade level as a springboard for learning experiences. Students in Grades K-4 will be introduced to the Spanish-speaking world. They will explore the concept of diversity and develop an awareness and appreciation for cultural similarities and differences. They will begin to use Spanish in everyday situations to express simple ideas. 

Since all instruction proceeds in a spiral basis, the topics explored in grades K-2 are used as the foundation for additional learnings in grades 3-4.  New and expanded vocabulary and activities provide the students with new experiences.  The review of previously learned material is used to facilitate the learning of new and more expanded material.  Therefore, the learning experience elaborates on previous information and expands to the learning of new topics and material.