Spanish Grades 5-8

Bienvenidos a la clase de espanol! 
My name is Sra. Coleman and I have been the Spanish teacher here for the past 22 years.



Spanish is present all around us.  The goal of studying Spanish is to communicate with the over 425 million people who speak Spanish. Therefore, learning Spanish is a step toward many worthwhile skills necessary to succeed in the 21st Century. Not only does learning the language allow for communication with others here and abroad, it also offers an increased knowledge of the world and other cultures.  It heightens appreciation and respect for cultural diversity and sharpens cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity.  

Because learning a language is a process in which you build on what you already know, it is important to retain & practice what you've already learned.  Therefore, nightly review of vocabulary & grammar rules is very important.


A great way to learn new words or refresh your memory is to make flash cards. Another tip to help your Spanish get better & better is to practice the language outside of class. Practice speaking with a friend or family member & look for Spanish words & phrases all around you.

Why should we learn Spanish?!


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