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Second Grade is an important milestone in your child's education.  We will prepare to receive First Reconciliation and First Communion and embark upon a curriculum filled with new discoveries, interesting and fun activities, and opportunities for each child to grow spiritually, academically, and socially.  I look forward to working together to ensure that your child achieves success.
Please click on the subject areas listed on the menu on the left side of this page to find out about the topics we will be discussing each month.

                       Classroom News: April 24-April 28
We will begin 
practice for First Communion this week.  I will also send home the seating chart for the church.  Each child has a pew in church for his/her family.  About 9 people including the first communicant can sit in this pew. There is additional seating on the side aisles and behind our class.  The First Communion fee is due this week.

Mars.png             Our Mission to Mars
Our class will be involved in a special STEM related project with our seventh grade.  The children will be designing a model of what they think the future colony on Mars will look like.  Last week, we learned facts about this planet and the children worked in teams to design a blueprint for the model we will build after Easter vacation. Look for a letter to go home this week with a list of supplies we need. ( milk cartons, cardboard boxes, margarine tubs  etc.)  It is also a good lesson on recycling and reusing objects for another purpose.

             Martin Luther King Jr. Day Icon.png   Social Studies Timeline Project
                                        Due: May 16, 2017
The children will bring poster board set up in class for them to complete at home by creating a timeline to illustrate and explain an important event for each year of their lives. Directions are in the folder.  Please only use the poster board set up by your child in class.
Second Grade Specials Schedule 
Monday:       Art              Music
Tuesday:      Liturgy        Computer
Wednesday: Spanish       Music
Thursday:    Gym              Art
Friday:         Music/Art     Library

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