Language Arts Skills

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Language Arts Skills

In March/April we will focus on the following concepts in ELA:

1.  Using a dictionary and glossary to define vocabulary words
     in Science and Social Studies.
2.  Using a thesaurus to identify and use synonyms and        
     antonyms in sentences
3.  Decoding words with r controlled vowel sounds:er, ar,ur
4.  Applying phonetic rules for doubling consonant            
5.  Using pronouns to replace nouns in sentences
6.  Correct usage of a comma
7.  Using quotation marks in a sentence
8.  Review of rules for forming the plural for nouns
9.  Forming possessive nouns by adding 's and s'
10.  Using irregular verbs in sentences

Writing Samples April will include:

1.  Writing an Opinion--Would you like to be flat like Flat like 
      Stanley? Explain pros and cons      
2.  Fact Paragraph about a Famous Inventor--Information will
     be provided in class and in computer room.
3.  Creative Writing--Seasonal themes include:
      1.  One day it rained.........
      2.  Spring poetry
4.   Fact paragraph: Ways to help Mother Earth

The book Freckle Juice by Judy Blume will be read in class.  When finished the children will write their own recipe using time order words: first, then, next, finally etc.  This will give them practice in writing directions.

Cursive Writing
The children are doing quite well with cursive writing. Please do not go ahead of us and teach your child. There is a definite style and technique I need to show them and I don't want them confused.
Please practice any corrected papers I send home. There is NO RUSH for the children to master this skill. Keep in mind that every child's fine motor skills are different. Just encourage them to keep trying. Practice makes perfect!


Abbreviation List
Acrostic Poetry
Use the template to create your own acrostic poem.
Bitesize Language Arts
Practice reading, writing. spelling, and grammar skills.
Book Builder
Create a free account and design a digital book.
Diamante Poetry
Use the template to create your own poem.
Sentence Clubhouse
Build a clubhouse while practicing your sentence skills. This is a good site to practice identifying types of sentences and punctuation and capitalization skills.
Spelling City
Practice weekly spelling lists through interactive games and activities.
Summer Story Ideas
Use these ideas to write stories during the summer months. Be sure to share them with me in September!