Math.png  Mathematics Skills

Math Concepts and Skills for March/April include:

1.  Drill of addition and subtraction facts, quiz every 
2.  Solving word problems using bar diagrams and
     equations, and writing sentences to describe the
     strategy used to solve a problem
3.  Regrouping strategies for addition/subtraction with  
      three and four digit numbers
4.  Interpreting graphs and charts while applying 
     computational skills
5.  Telling time hour to hour 
6. Counting dollars and cents, counting mixed coins:           penny, nickel, dime quarter, half dollar, forming.            equivalent sums of money using manipulatives
7.  Using rulers and different units of measure to                describe length

Glossy Blue Clock.png                Telling Time
The children will have a card stock clock in their folders for
use in class and for homework.  Please keep this in their folders until June.  They need to identify time using the following vocabulary: o'clock,___thirty, half-past____, minutes after, a quarter to and a quarter after.  This is a difficult skill for many children so I need your help practicing with their folder clocks at home.

                                 Word Problems
The word problem diagrams we use in class will be sent home for your reference when helping your child with homework whenever it is assigned. 
They have been glued in their green Math spiral notebook which we use in school.

Please review counting to 100 by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's to help the children recognize number sequence and patterns. Flashcards should also be used at home to increase speed and accuracy in computation(addition and subtraction facts.)


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