The skills and concepts to be stressed in Reading during the 
month of May and June:

1.  Decoding with prefixes and suffixes
2.  Forming and using frequently occurring irregular plural nouns
     (ex:geese, mice, women)
3.  Using information from illustrations and words to
     demonstrate story comprehension
4.  Summarizing story events using a graphic organizer: title,
     setting, plot: beginning, middle, end, conclusion
5.  Recognizing cause and effect in a passage ( ex:The        
     character forgot his umbrella. SO  He got soaked in the                    storm.)
6.  Know and use text features to locate facts and information.
      (headings, diagrams, table of contents, bold print)
7.  Making inferences based on story facts and details
8.  Using a flow chart to describe story events and sequence

Vocabulary lists continue to be set home.  The children will be tested on the use of these words in sentences and their definitions.
High frequency list will continue to be stapled in the Reading notebook for studying.  We are working on Unit 6 Lessons 25-30.
Comprehension questions based on each story will be stapled into the red notebook for both classwork and homework.  The questions refer to a page for the children to use to answer a question. They are to answer a question with a complete sentence.




Dolch Word List
High Frequency word list--These words should be mastered in second grade. Practice reading these words for recognition and spelling.
Learning about Braille
This site corresponds with the story in our reader "Reading with Your Fingers."
Stories On Line
Listen to Brave Irene by William Steig and choose other books read by famous people.
Story Starter Machine
Spin the wheel for story ideas and type your story on the computer. You can add an illustration also.
Wacky Web Tales
Choose a different story to read