jesus and kids     Religion Topics

  During the month of May, the children will learn about the Rosary as this is the month we dedicate to the Blessed Mother.  We will discuss the various titles given to Mary and their significance:
1.  Our Lady of Lourdes
2.  Our Lady of Fatima
3.  Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
4.  Our Lady of Guadalupe
5.  Our Lady of Knox
6.  Our Lady of Peace
We will discuss the mysteries of the  rosary and say a decade together each day as a school as part of morning prayer.  The children will also learn about the feast of the Assumption which occurs on August 15th and is a holy day of obligation.

We will discuss the feast of the Ascension and Pentecost and their significance in our Church.

In June we will learn about St. Margaret Mary and devotion to the Sacred heart of Jesus.

Our class attends the Tuesday liturgies with grades 3-8 every week. They will be learning the different prayers and responses said at Mass as well as their significance. Father Mike is a frequent visitor to our classroom and is really involved in sacrament preparation.