Microscope.png                  Science Topics/Skills                  

We complete the unit on Life Science in May and end our second grade Science curriculum with a discussion on Space in June.

Topics we will discuss:

Life Science
1.  What are some animals with backbones?
2.  How are mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and 
      amphibians adapted to their environment?
3.  What are insects?  What is the difference between
     insects and bugs?
4.  What is a food web and a food chain?
The children will make models of different insects and make a mobile showing a food chain.

1.  Why do we have day and night?
2.  What is the difference between rotation and revolution?
3.  What makes up our solar system?
4.  What is a constellation?
5.  What are the phases of the moon?

We will dissect a seed and observe its parts, plant bean seeds and record growth, experiment to learn what a plant needs to grow,and observe the life cycle of our tadpoles, chicks, butterflies, and beetles.
Science notes are stapled in the Green notebook at  the beginning of a unit. The assessment is usually at the end of the month.


Learn about the stars, planets, the sun, and the moon.
Bitesize Science
Explore different topics in Science