Microscope.png                  Science Topics/Skills                  

We will conclude the unit on Physical Science during March
Topics include:
1.  Kinds of energy (Heat, Light, Electricity, Sound, Wind, Solar)
2.  Sources of Energy
3.  Energy Conservation
4.  The Wind:  Helpful and Harmful--Children will write an essay 
      based on facts we learned in class
Experiments will include: using thermometers to record water temperature, designing a circuit, measuring mass, creating rainbows and shadows, distinguishing between insulators and conductors.

We begin the unit on Life Science in April.  The following topics will be discussed:
1.  Parts of a Plant
2.  How are seeds scattered?
3.  Steps in seed germination
4.  Plant and animal adaptation
5.  Life Cycles:plants and animals
6.  How do plant and animals depend on each other, food chains 
     and food webs.

We will dissect a seed and observe its parts, plant bean seeds and record growth, experiment to learn what a plant needs to grow,and observe the life cycle of our tadpoles, chicks, butterflies, and beetles.
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The children will also discuss ways to help our Earth as we celebrate Earth Day this month.  They will make their own compost and observe what materials will/will not decompose
over a period of one month. They will learn about the danger of pollution and its effect on our planet and write an essay to discuss how they can be a help to preserve and conserve our natural resources for the future 

Nice.png                 Famous Inventor Report
This month and also during April the children will each be assigned an inventor to research during computer class and write an in class report.  They may bring in material from home to assist them in this endeavor.

Science notes are stapled in the Green notebook at  the beginning of a unit. The assessment is usually at the end of the month.


Learn about the stars, planets, the sun, and the moon.
Bitesize Science
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