Social Studies



                                          Social Studies

In May we will commplete Unit 6: People in the Marketplace
1.  Identify and explain the roles of a producer and a consumer
2.  Describe how goods and service are related to a business
3.  Understand people have many occupations
4.  Recognize the differences between wants and needs
5.  Identify the steps in a production process (factory to store)
6.  Discuss how supply and demand determine prices
7.  Define and identify barter and the use of money as types
     of trade.
8.  Understand the use of a budget to manage spending

During June we will revisit the Unit on American heroes and read a biography on Benjamin Franklin.  We will also discuss the meaning of our American Flag and its other American symbols.

Time Line Project
The children have been given a time line project vacation. They are to make a time line describing an event for each year of their life. They will set up and begin the project on oak tag in the classroom.  They are to complete it at home and include photographs or drawings to illustrate what they are describing. This will be due back in school  on May 16th Please do not use any other paper other than what I send home.

Social Studies notes are sent home every month stapled into the blue Social Studies notebook. Assessments are usually at the end of the month.

Current Events are covered in class through the use of Scholastic News Magazine.


U.S. Mint Site for Kids
Great site to learn about coins and the history associated with them.This site has some great learning games!