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Welcome to 4th grade math!!!!

We use Go Math program, however I also utilize Engageny which is the curriculum created by New York State.  

Common Core Math is taught in a way to encourage the student to "Think outside the box". Students will learn to solve the same equation in many different ways.  In-turn when it comes time for the test, they choose which strategy works best for them.  I will tell the students which methods parents can help them with, and which they cannot solely because they are not familiar with it.  However, I will never leave you without resources.  Please click on the links for the lesson we are working on for a video tutorial.  Additionally, if a Google Search is done with the guide words Go Math Lesson (what ever) grade 4, by the power of the internet you will receive several tutorials to pick from.  

Relflex Math:  I won a grant for this math fact fluency program.  Every student has an account.  Students are encouraged to go on the sight at lease 20 min. every couple of days to build accuracy and fluency in multiplication/division facts.