Homework, Assignments, & Assessments

Homework for 1/14-1/18:Notepad.png

Students will be assessed in Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar every Friday unless otherwise indicated.  Please assist your child in studying a little each night so they do not become overwhelmed. 

Famous Women in History project is due in school on January 18, 2019
Students are encouraged to complete and hand in the project early.  Late projects will be penalized.


Friday, 1/18: Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar and Comprehension (Ecology for Kids)

Monday, 1/14:      

ELA: Vocabulary Definitions from p. 436-437

Math: WB 117-118

Science: Quick Study 1
Social Studies:


Tuesday, 1/15:      

ELA: Questions on p. 445, 447 (Use graphic Organizer), and 451

Math: WB 119-120

Social Studies

Continue working on your Famous Woman Project. Due Friday!! Wednesday, 1/16:
ELA:  Vocabulary Sentences; Comprehension Quiz on Friday

Math: WB 121-122
Social Studies: P. 120 Vocabulary, p. 125 Questions 1 and 3


Continue working on Famous Woman Project.  Due Friday!

Thursday, 1/17:      

ELA: Study for spelling, vocabulary, grammar (Irregular verbs) and comprehension (Ecology for Kids)

Math: WB 123-124


Social Studies: 


Famous Woman Project due tomorrow!!  Bring in your report and doll!

Reminder:  $1 Dress down day tomorrow

‚ÄčFriday, 1/18

Enjoy the weekend!  No Homework!