Homework, Assignments, & Assessments

Homework for 5/14-5/18:Notepad.png

* Students will be assessed in Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar every Friday unless otherwise indicated.  Please assist your child in studying a little each night so they do not become overwhelmed.  

**Vocabulary and spelling quizzes on Friday, 5/18!

5/14:   ELA: Vocabulary Definitions (Words on p. 712-713)
     Math: WB 231-232
     Science: none
     Social Studies: none
     Religion: none

5/15:   ELA:  Questions on p. 721, 723, and 725
    Math: WB 233-234
     Social Studies: p. 256 vocabulary; p. 260 # 1 and 3
     Science: none
     Religion: none

5/16:   ELA: Vocabulary Sentences
     Math: 235-236
     Science: Quick Study 1          
             Social Studies: none
             Religion: none

5/17:    ELA: 
      Social Studies: 
5/18:    Enjoy the weekend!