Chapter 6 Study Guide

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  1. How much of Earth’s surface is water?  How much is land?
  2. How does the water in oceans differ from fresh water?
  3. How is the air at the top of the mountain different than the air at the bottom?
  4. Describe the Baltic Sea.
  5. What is the Sun’s role in the water cycle?
  6. What happens when moist air rises?
  7. What is evaporation?  Condensation?  Precipitation?
  8. What is air?
  9. What happens when there is an area of lower pressure nearby?
  10. What is a barometer?
  11. What is humidity?
  12. Why are there often clouds along a cold front?
  13. What do stratus clouds look like?  Where are they?
  14. How are greenhouse gases beneficial?
  15. Explain and describe the water cycle.
  16. Describe what happens when a cold air mass meets a warm air mass that is not moving.