Chapter 1:  
All About Plants

Essential Question:  
How Do Plants Live in their Habitats?

Students will learn about the parts of plants; how seeds are scattered; how plants are grouped; and plant adaptations.

Vocabulary:  nutrients     flower
                     roots          environment
                     stem          adapted
                     leaves        prairie

Science Vocabulary
Chapter One:  All About Plants

1. Nutrients are materials that living things need to live and grow.  Many plants get nutrients from soil and water.

2. Roots are the parts of a plant that hold the plant in place and that take in water and nutrients from the soil.

3.  A stem is the part of a plant that holds it up and that carries water and nutrients to the leaves.

4.  Leaves are parts of a plant that use sunlight, air, nutrients, and water to make food for the plant.

5. The flower is the part of the plant that makes seeds.

6. The environment is all the things that surround a living thing.  A cactus is a plant that grows in a desert.

7.  Adapt means to change.  Living things have adapted or changed to live in their environment.

8.  A prairie is flat land covered with grasses and having few trees.