Classroom News

We've started multiplication! Please have your child begin, if they haven't already, practicing their multiplication facts!

Today, we have begun our Christmas Around the World travels! We visited Russia today, and learned how they celebrate Christmas. We also listened to some Russian Christmas songs. Ask your child about what they learned! 

11/29 - We visited Sweden today, and learned about their Christmas traditions!

11/30 - Wow! What a busy week! Today, we flew to the Netherlands! Don't forget to ask your child what Christmas traditions they learned today.

12/3 - Today, we visited Brazil! Ask your child about what they learned about Christmas in Brazil.

12/4 - Today, we visited Australia!  Ask your child why they were so hot!

12/6 - Yesterday, we visited Mexico! Today, we were in France! Don't forget to ask your child what they learned about Christmas from these countries.

12/10 - Did your child tell you about our trip to Italy yesterday? Make sure you ask questions! We had a fabulous time!

12/12 - Today we visited Germany!

12/13 - Today we flew to Canada!

12/20 - Yesterday, we finished our travels and returned to the USA. We had a fantastic time traveling around the world and learning how other countries celebrate Christmas!
Please ask your child questions about what they learned and what was their favorite country to visit.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Flat Stanley will be making an appearance shortly and I hear he loves to travel!