Physical Education Units for N-8
                 Dare to be
Nursery through 2nd Grade: 
           Unit 1
Locomotor skills    
           Running, walking, skipping, galloping, jumping, hopping 
           Unit 2
Catching and throwing 
            Under hand and over hand, catching big balls to smaller balls 
            Unit 3
            Basic fundamentals of the game 

3rd grade through 4th grade

           Unit 1
Bones and muscles 
           Learning the bones and muscles in the human body with activities 
            Unit 2 
Learning the rules and skills of the game 
5th grade through 8th grade

           Unit 1
5 components of fitness  
           1) cardiovascular endurance 
           2) muscular endurance 
           3) muscular strength 
           4) Flexibly 
           5) body composition (more of a health topic)  
           Unit 2 
Learning the rules of the game and game play