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I have compiled a wide range of resources to provide you with additional academic support. Please click on the links to access  resources.... and most of all have fun.

Online Practice Links




Assorted Links Sumdog



Computer Coding

Dancemat Typing


Edmodo Khan Academy


Math Links


Estimation Valley Golf




My Brain Teaser


Rounding Flashcards



Estimation Concentration


Cash Out


Making Change


Convenience Store


"Buy-It" Little Farmer


The Lemonade Stand

Change Maker


Counting Money


Fruit Shoot Math (Beginner)

Fruit Shoot Math (Advanced)


Build a Bug


Addition Practice


Hoop Shoot

Double-Digit Adding


Quick Math Operations


Math Baseball


Spacey Math


Number Cruncher

Math Mayhem


Base Block Subtraction


Subtraction Practice


Speed Math


Spacey Math


Football Math

Soccer Shootout


Speed Grid Subtraction


XP Math (All Topics)

Convict Escape


Ordering Fractions Fractions  

Tony's Pizza Shop


Equivalent Fractions  

Parts of a Whole


Fractions and Decimals

Adding Fractions


Math Splat Mystery Picture

Battleship Fractions


Match the Fraction Fraction Progression


Area Explorer  



Perimeter Explorer
Area and Perimeter Video  

Comparing Shapes


The Ruler Game   (Set to Quarters)



Active Classroom


Problem Solving Problems with Katie

Brain Teasers


Maven's Mysteries Math Puzzles


Digital and Analog Clock Matching Telling Time  

Elapsed Time Quiz



Elapsed Time


What Time Will it Be?


Mystery Picture Place Value  

Place Value Quizzes


Place Value Puzzler Seashell Rounding  

Rounding Off



Coordinate Robot Maze


Graphing Practice


Coordinate Identification Game


Draggable Division  

Division Practice


Problems with Katie
Divider Machine  

Division Asteroids


Mystery Picture Division
Division Bingo  

Division Concentration


Math Magician


Cone Crazy  

Multiplication Review


Who Wants to be a Multiplication Millionaire
How Many Apples Farm Game Math Bingo  

Who Wants to Buy Lemonade?


Number Cruncher
Mountain Climber Interactive Games Save the Apples  

Tunnel Blaster



Forces in Action Science Links Changing States



Water Cycle Forces and Movement
Food Chain Game Food Puzzles Create a Food Web

Food Chain Reactions


Marine Food Chain Woodland Food Chain

Solids and Liquids


Food Chain Fight Geography for Kids

Moon Animation


Order of the Planets Quiz Virtual Solar System Adventure

Solar System Activities


Biomes for Kids Way Out Space Quiz
What's Your Weight?? Simple Machines Information Page
Physics for Kids     


Science Fair Projects Web Pages

Home Science Tools


Science Ideas

Free Science Fair Projects


Science Fair Projects


Social Studies Links


White House for Kids


History Channel


Birthday Calculator


American Revolution Timeline


American Revolution Links


Kids Konnect


American Revolution for Kids


U.S Census


ELA Links


Wacky Web Tales


Vocabulary Practice- Wordly Wise


Spelling City



Reading/Grammar Skill Builders



Acrostic Poems


Diamante Poems


Book Builder


Reading Games

Biography Research Links




Biography Center


Garden of Praise




Jock Bio


Biography Homepage

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