Google Classroom
Students wishing to access their Google Accounts may do so as follows:

Go to
Login with their accounts
                                      Password:   Students have passwords on file

Students 4th grade and up use Google Classroom School Accounts.  These accounts, managed privately and securely allow our students to store and access their documents from school and from home.  Harnessing Google Classroom technology, St. Josephs students are able to create documents, slide show presentations, videos, and drawings that allow them to synergize and digitally store the material they are learning in class.  The portfolio our students create will follow them year to year, and they will be able to manage their work from any place inside or outside the school.
These accounts are wonderful for classroom collaboration.  Students can share their work with others and even combine their work with others while working in teams.  There are many exciting possibilities as we explore how the Google Classroom can help propel us forward, preparing our students for the ever-changing technological landscape.
Unlike the Google Accounts you may already be familiar with, these accounts are not able to email outside of our School Domain.  This means that while a student may be able to communicate with another student, they will not have access to email a non-St Joseph account.  These accounts are password protected and will be administered on site at our school.  Any requests by parents for access to accounts will be honored.  As these accounts are considered school property, monitoring for safety will be conducted and all students are expected to behave in a manner of good conduct.  As always, I am always available to speak about any concerns or answer any questions.  I am genuinely excited about the possibilities that lay ahead in our technology classroom.