Great Links

For the parents:

Parent guide to the internet and your child, compiled through :
A Parent's guide to Snap Chat
A Parent's guide to Instagram

Some great links compiled for students:


Early Childhood
Early Childhood sites focus on age appropriate games while introducing young learners to mouse and keyboard skills necessary to operate a computer.

Elementary School
Students can begin to use the computer to strengthen their academic skills.  The following sites provide great material to supplement what they are learning in the classroom.

Virtual Field Trips
Some sites offer virtual walking tours of museums, such as the Smithsonian:
Smithsonian Museum
A more complete list, which has been growing can be found here:
Museums with online tours

Now more than ever, the internet offers wonderful ways to explore our world's geography.  In addition to Google Earth, students are encouraged to look at the following sites: (requires Google Earth installation)


A large collection of sites to help learn Spanish can be found at this link:
spanish resources

vocabulary builder


Christmas Sites
Christmas Games