Welcome to the Nursery Program at St. Joseph School in Ronkonkoma.

Mrs. Parahus will be your child’s teacher this year, and Miss Christina will be our assistant.

We are both looking forward to spending a fun and exciting year with you and your child! 



We Welcome March!

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb…” 

The children and teachers in Nursery School are looking forward to the “lamb” days of March…especially once we begin to visit the playground once again!  PLEASE be sure to dress your child appropriately…don’t forget hats and mittens on chilly days!


Weather Closings and Delays…

You will receive a call from the school if there are any delays or closings.  You can also check News 12 for additional information.


Early Dismissal…

There will be an 11:05 a.m. dismissal on Friday, March 1st.

After care will be available.

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A special thank-you…

Thank you to the parents who contributed to our Valentine’s Day parties.  The children were thrilled to enjoy a special snack and to bring home their card and treat filled mailboxes!


xBook Club Information

February Book Club orders are due by Wednesday, March 6th.

If you are sending your order in to class, please be sure to include a check made out to Scholastic. You can also order from a wider variety of books online by going to

Enter class code GKD4F.

 Have fun selecting some books to read with your child! 


Thank you for your orders and HAPPY READING!

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St Patrick’s Day Snack…

We will be having a special St. Patrick’s Day Snack for the children on Friday, March 15th.  Our class parent will be contacting you to contribute items. 

Thank you in advance.

A Seussical Celebration…

The children in early childhood will be coming together later in March to enjoy all things Seussical!  We will listen to some Dr. Seuss stories, have a special snack, and enjoy being silly with our friends in PK!  Additional information will follow.


March FUN!

Since March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, we will begin each circle time by deciding what kind of weather day it is…a calm, sunny and bright “lamb day“, or a windy, cloudy and cold “lion day!”  One thing is for certain…we just can’t wait for SPRING to begin!!

We will have some fun reading Nursery Rhymes and making cute projects that tie into them.  This would be a wonderful time for you to share some of your favorites with your child. 

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, we will fill the classroom with lots of green shamrocks, leprechauns, and colorful rainbows.  If we are lucky, there may be a pot of sparkly gold at the end!

Illustration Of A Saint Patrick_s Day Hat.png
Wishing you all a fun filled St. Patrick’s Day!


Don’t forget to continue to practice cutting with your child!  Check the back of your child’s projects to see what areas he or she needs to work on.

 Walk To School.pngDon’t forget…

It is very important that your child arrive at school on time. We begin our day as soon as the children unpack. If your child is late, he or she misses the core of our learning experience…Circle Time activities, story time and our daily lessons.

Please be sure your child has used the bathroom before coming to school. We are trying to establish a routine with the children, and our first scheduled bathroom visit is at 9:00 am. If your child is requesting to use the bathroom as soon as he or she arrives at school, he or she will once again miss out on very important learning opportunities.

Be sure to put your child’s name on everything he or she comes to school with…including lunchboxes, back packs and jackets.

Don’t forget to send your child to school with everything they need for snack and lunch…spoons, forks, and enough napkins for both meals. Be sure they have two drinks, unless they are purchasing milk for lunch. And don’t forget a snack for aftercare!

Please wait close to the doors at dismissal. Some of the children get overwhelmed when they walk out of the building and they don’t see a familiar face right away. Please be sure to arrive early since Nursery is always the first class to dismiss and wait as close to the doors as possible to make things a bit easier for the children.


We are required to keep attendance records. If your child is absent from school, please send in a note when he or she returns. If we don’t receive a note, it will be listed as an illegal absence.

Thank you for your cooperation!

 Parent Connection…Pencil Drawing A Line.png

Don’t forget to continue to practice cutting with your child!  Check the back of your child’s projects to see what areas he or she needs to work on. 

Please take some time to work with your child on his/her coloring skills.
  At this point, we are working on coloring with a back & forth motion to completely fill in a space. 


Young children learn best through repetition and practice.  If you haven’t done so already, now would be a great time to use everyday activities such as shopping or driving to school to help reinforce concepts that we will be learning in school.  For example, play games with your child to see who can find the most yellow items in the food store.  Point out red stop signs as you walk or drive around town.  You can even take a tour around your house to see how many circles you can find.  With a little thought, you can turn just about any everyday activity into a learning experience for your child! 


‚ÄčLearning about the Bible begins in Nursery...

The children in Nursery will read many stories from the Bible throughout the school year.  These include stories about Christmas, Easter, Noah's Ark and Creation.

Throughout the school year we will also try to follow the ideas taught in 
Psalm 15:

Just like it says in Psalm 15, the children in Nursery School will always try to...

Obey God.
Do what it right.
Never tell a lie.
Be nice to others.
Never say anything bad about anyone.
Choose friends who love God.
Keep promises.
Share what we have.
Never hurt anyone to get what we want.

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We are learning to pray...

Each day before snack and lunch we say a special prayer to thank God.  You may want to share it with your family…

“God is great.  God is good.
Let us thank Him for our food.  Amen.”

Here is another prayer we have been saying at meal time:

"Thank you for the world so sweet.
Thank you for the food we eat.
Thank you for the birds that sing.
Thank you, God, for everything!  Amen."

We also say a prayer when we start our day. 
Here it is for you to share:

“God made the birds. God made the bees.
God made the sun.  God made the trees.
Look around, and you will see.  
God made you, and God made me!  

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Learning how to be a LEADER begins in Nursery...

Nursery School Mission Statement

The children in Nursery School want a classroom where everyone is nice and friendly!

The children in Nursery School want to get ready for Pre-K!

The children in Nursery School always want to do our best!

The children in Nursery School always try to do things that make Jesus happy!


One of the most important things in making this school year a happy and successful one is forming and maintaining a connection between parents and teachers.  The following are the best ways to keep in touch with me if you have any questions, concerns or important information to share about your child:

The easiest way to communicate with me is via backpack mail.   If you place a note in your child’s folder, I will respond to you, usually that day.

You can always send me an email. 
My email address is:

Emails are generally responded to within 48 hours.

You can also call the main office and leave a message with our school secretary. 

The school phone number is 631-588-4760.

Phone calls will be returned during one of my preps in the morning.  If your message is received after my prep time, your call will be returned the next school day.

In order to maintain the lines of communication between us, please be sure to keep all contact information up to date.  This includes your home, work, and cell phone numbers as well as your email address.