6th Grade Science
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      Welcome to 6th grade Physical Science
A person who never made a mistake never tired anything new      
                                                                          ~ Albert Einstein 

Chapter 3: Solids, Liquids, and Gases 
Section1: States of matter 
Section 2: Changes of state

Section 3: Gas Behavior 
section 4: Graphing Gas Behavior 

Week of September 5th through 8th
Tuesday- Get hand out signed for science and health 
Wednesday- Vocab pg 70, read section1 & read and highlight notes 
Thursday- Finish questions on pg 75, WB pages 35-37 & ditto front/back 
Week of September 11th to 15th
Monday- Finish vocab page 76, highlight notes/ add notes, questions page 81 #1abc,2abc, 3ab & bring index cards to class tomorrow 
Tuesday- 7 questions from section2 & study for vocab quiz 
Vocab quiz on section 1&2 Thursday 
Wednesday- Study for vocab quiz 
Thursday- Ditto front/back, Vocab page 83 & read section 3 page 83-89 due Monday 
Week of September 18th to 22nd 
Monday- Get quiz signed
Tuesday- Read page 83- 86 & highlight notes/add notes 
Wednesday- Page 89 questions # 1abc, 2abc
Thursday- Ditto front/back & Pressure is on ditto #1-3  
Friday- Finish question from section 3 #1-17 & Vocab page 90
Chapter 3 test Monday 10/2 ( date could change)  
Week of September 25th to 29th 
Monday- https://quizlet.com/_3qwewz : study notes for chapter test 
Tuesday- Questions for section 4 page 93 #1abc, 2abc & WB page- 44-46 & Ditto front/back 
Wednesday- Study guide was given out: finish study guide 
Thursday- Study for test on Monday

Chapter 4: Elements and the Periodic Table 
Section1: Introduction to Atoms 
Section 2: Organizing the Elements 

Section 3: Metals 
section 4: Nonmetals and Metalloids 
Section 5: Radioactive Elements 

Week of October 2nd to October 6th
Monday- Test Day  
Tuesday- Read section 1 page 102-108, Vocab page 102 & draw models in binder 
Wednesday- Read/outline pages 106-108, questions page 108 #1bc, 2abcd & get test signed 
Quiz on 1-20 elements on Periodic table & vocab for section1 -2 on October 16th (date could change)  
Thursday- Finish WB pages 49-51, ditto front/back & 1-20 elements on index cards due Tuesday 
Friday- Half day
Week of October 9th to 13th 
Monday- No School 
Tuesday- Finish questions from section 1, Vocab page 109
Wednesday- Read/outline section 2 pages 109-117 & study for quiz on Monday Due on Monday  
Thursday- Study for quiz on Monday 
Friday- Health Day
Week of October 16th to October 20th
Monday- Elements ditto due Wednesday 
Tuesday- Field Trip 
Wednesday- WB page 52-54 & ditto front/ back 
Vocab 3-5 and elements 21-40 quiz November 2nd  
Thursday- Questions from section 2 front/back, Put 21-40 elements on index cards & get quiz signed
Friday- Finish ditto & vocab sections 3-4 
Progress reports sent out please sign and hand back by Friday October 27th 
Week of October 23rd to 27th
Monday- Read section 3 & put vocab words from 3-4 on index cards 
Tuesday- No school 
Wednesday- Finish questions page 125, Read section 3, WB page 55-58 & ditto front/back 
Thursday- Vocab from section 5 & read section 4 due Monday 
Friday- Health day 
Week of October 30th to November 3rd
Monday- Read section 4, put section 5 vocab words on index cards & study for elements 21-40 and vocab quiz(3-5) 
Tuesday- Questions page 135 # 1abc, 2abc & Study for quiz 
Element project given out today: Questions due 11/6 
                                                         Project due 11/13 
                                                         Chapter 4 test 11/15 

Wednesday- No school
Thursday- Questions for section 4 & start working on questions for your element project 
Friday- Finish Lab, questions for project & get quiz signed  

Week of November 6th- 10th
Monday-Redo project questions: type questions 1-4 & do #5 on hand out(can be written on sheet) 
Tuesday- No school 
Websites to help Element project ( due 11/13) 
Wednesday- Questions page 143 # 1abc,2abc & 3ab
Thursday- WB page 63-66, ditto front/back, project due Monday & read chapter 4 and review notes for test on Wednesday 
Friday- No school
Review guide will be given out Monday 

Week of November 13th to 17th 
Monday- Study guide was given out today: Finish study guide 
Tuesday- Study for chapter 4 test
**Important: Element research project will be redone in class Thursday and Friday. The redone research project will be due Monday 11/20. The two grades will be averaged to one project grade
Wednesday- Test day 
Thursday- Revise your research project due Monday 
Friday- Health day 

Chapter 5: Atoms and Bonding 
Section 1: Atoms, Bonding, and the Periodic table
Section 2: Ionic Bonds
Section 3: Covalent Bonds
Section 4: Bonding in Metals

Chapter 5 vocabulary words: Quiz on 12/11
Valence electron                     Covalent bond
Electron dot diagram               molecule 
chemical bond                        double bond 
ion                                        triple bond
polyatomic ion                        molecular compound
ionic bond                              polar bond 
ionic compound                      nonpolar bond 
chemical formula                    Alloy 
subscript                               metallic bond 

Week of November 20th to 22nd 
Monday- Lewis dot structure ditto & vocab section 1 
Tuesday- Read/outline page 156 & questions page 156 #1abc, 2abc 
Wednesday- Half day 
Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving!!
Friday- No school 

Week of November 27th to December 1st 
Monday- Ditto front/back 
Tuesday- Finish questions from section1 & reread section 1 and notes
Wednesday- Read section 2
Thursday- Finish ditto from class & vocab for section 2 page 158 
Friday- No H.W 

Week of December 4th to 8th 
Monday- Look over notes for section 2 
Tuesday- Page 163 questions #1abc, 2abc & 3ab 
Chapter 5 test on Thursday 12/21 (date could change) 
Wednesday- WB page 72-75 & ditto front/back 
Thursday- Questions from section 2 & study for vocab quiz 
Friday- No school 

Week of December 11th to 15th 
Monday- Front of the ditto 
Tuesday- WB pages 76- 78, ditto front and back & get quiz signed 
Quizlet for chapter 5: https://quizlet.com/_46mha4 (use written questions) 
Wednesday- Look over sections 1,2&3 and your notes 
Thursday- WB page  79-80 & ditto front/back due Monday 
Friday- Half day 

Week of December 18th to 22nd
Monday- Review guide was given out in class: Finish for Homework 
Tuesday- Study for chapter 5 test
Wednesday- Study for Chapter 5 test 
Thursday- Test day: Vocabulary sheet for quiz & test corrections for H.W.
Chapter 6 quiz 1/9  
Friday- Vocab sheet due on Monday 1/2 (double H.W)

Chapter 6: Chemical at a Glance 
Section 1: Observing Chemical Change 
Section 2: Describing Chemical reactions 
Section 3: Controlling Chemical Reactions 
Section 4: Fire and Fire Safety 

Week of January 2nd to 5th 
Monday- Put section 1 vocab on index cards (bring to class) & read section 1 page 184-191
Tuesday-WB page 83-85 & ditto front/back 
If snow day tomorrow put section 2 and 3 vocab words on index cards 

Week of January 8th to 12th 
Tuesday-No H.W
Wednesday- Read/outline section 2( will be collected for a classwork grade) & get quiz signed 
Thursday- Section 1&2 vocab in notebook ( Due Tuesday) 
Friday- Health Day 

Week of January 16th to 19th
Tuesday- Balancing equations ditto 
Wednesday- Read over section 2 & questions 4-5 on page 201 
Thursday- Ditto front/back 
Friday- Balancing equations ditto  

Week of January 22nd to 26th 
Monday- Read section 3 Pages 204-209
Tuesday- Read and outline page 206 & and draw graphs in notebook 
Wednesday- Questions page 209 1abc &2ab
Chapter 6 test 2/5 
Thursday- Ditto front/back & questions for section 3  (Due Monday) 
Friday- Health Day 

Week of January 29th to February 2nd 
Monday- Questions page 215 #1abc& 2abc 
Tuesday- Assembly during science period 
Wednesday- Review guide was given out in class & Finish review guide 
Thursday- Study for chapter 6 test 
Friday- Half day

Week of February 5th to 9th
Monday- Test day 
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- Define vocab words for chapter 7, Test corrections & get test signed 
Important dates: 
      Vocab list for chapter 7 given out today: Quiz 2/27
      Project for chapters 7&8 was given out in class: Google Slides 

 Progress reports were given out today please sign and give back by Monday 2/12 
Thursday- Finish outlining section for project (due Monday) 
Friday- Health Day 

Week of February 12th to 16th 

Monday- No H.W 
Tuesday- Bring index cards to class 

Chapter 7: Acids, Bases, and Solutions
Section 1: Understanding Solutions 
Section 2: Concentration and Solubility 
Section 3: Describing Acids and Bases   
Section 4: Acids and Bases in Solution 
Section 5: Digestion and pH

Week of February 26th to March 2nd 
Monday- Finish google slides due tomorrow & study for chapter 7 vocab quiz 
Tuesday- Study for chapter 7 quiz ( two grades will average out to one quiz grade
Wednesday- Read and outline section 1 pages 222-227 & questions on page 227 #ALL (due Monday) 
Thursday-Get quiz signed 
Friday- No School

Week of March 5th to 9th 
Monday- Ditto front/ back 
Tuesday- No H.W

Wednesday- SNOW DAY 
Thursday- Read/outline section 2 page 230-235 (Due Monday) 
Friday- Health Day 

Week of March 19th to 23rd 
Monday- Read ditto highlight or underline important facts 
Chapter 7 test 3/27 
Tuesday- WB page 104-105 
Wednesday- ED
Thursday- Snow Day 
Friday- Read/outline section 4 pages 242-247 & do all questions on page 247 

Week of March 26th to 28th 
Monday- Read outline section 5 & do all questions 
Date changed: Chapter 7 test 3/28
Tuesday- Study for chapter 7 test & finish making study guide 
Wednesday- Science fair packet given out 
Chapter 8 vocab words given out in class: quiz April 17th 

Chapter 8: Carbon Chemistry 
Section 1: Properties of Carbon 
Section 2: Carbon Compounds 
Section 3: Polymers and Composites
Section 4: Life with Ca

Week of April 9th to 13th 
Monday- Outline chapter 8 section 1 & do test corrections on chapter 7 test 
Tuesday- Chapter 8 section 1 questions page 263 # 1ab, 2abc 
Wednesday- WB pages 113-114 & ditto front/back 
Thursday- Read/ outline pages 264-269 ( due Monday) 
Friday- Health day 

Week of April 16th to 20th 
Monday- Study for chapter 8 vocab quiz 
Tuesday- Read/outline pages 270-272 & questions page 272 do ALL 

Wednesday- Front/ back ditto & get quiz signed 
Chapter 8 test May 2nd (date could change) 
Thursday- WB pages 115-118 
Friday- No H.W

Week of April 23rd to 27th 
Monday- Make a card for Father Mike for Pastor Appreciation Day & read/outline section 3 pages 274-281
Tuesday- Finish questions on page 281 & ditto font/back 
* Science fair is Thursday 26th at 6pm-8pm Please bring projects to school on Thursday 
Wednesday- WB pages 119-121 & bring in science fair project to school tomorrow 

Week of April 30th to May 4th 
Monday- Read/outline section 4 pages 284-291 
Tuesday- WB page 122-125 & ditto front/back 
Chapter 8 test changed to May 7th 
Thursday- Finish study sheet & study for Chapter 8 test 
Friday- Half day 

Chapter 9: Motion 
Section 1: Describing and Measuring Motion 
Section 2: Speed and Velocity 
Section 3: Acceleration 

Week of May 7th to 11th 
Monday- No H.W
Tuesday- Finish lab 
Chapter 9 vocab words given out: Quiz 5/22
Wednesday- Define vocab words (10) 
Thursday- Ditto front/back 
Progress reports given out due Monday 5/14
Friday- Health day 

Week of May 14th to 18th 
Monday- Finish speed ditto 
Tuesday- Questions page 317 ALL
Wednesday- Put vocab words on index cards 
Thursday- Finish rollercoaster Lab

Week of May 21st to 25th 
Monday- Field trip 
Tuesday- Do questions before lab 
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- Finish lab 
Chapter 9 test June 6th 
Friday- Health day 

Week of May 29th to June 1st 
Monday- OFF 
Tuesday- Finish reading/outlining section 3
Wednesday- Math skill sheet 
Friday- Start studying for chapter 9 test 

Week of June 4th to 8th 
Monday-Review guide given out; finish review guide & study for chapter 9 test 
Tuesday- Study for chapter 9 test 
Wednesday- No H.W 
Chapter 10 vocabulary words given out: quiz June 12th 
Thursday- Finish putting vocab words in notebook & put vocab words on index cards to start studying 
Friday- Health day 

Week of June 11th to 15th 
Monday- Study for vocab quiz 
Tuesday- Chapter 10 section 1 read/ outline Pages 334-337
Wednesday- Field day 
Thursday- No H.W