5th Grade



**Progress reports were sent home Friday.  Please sign and return the letter that was attached!!

**Don't forget about your booktalk for November!!  You may present any day you wish!!  You did such a great job last month; let's keep it going!! 

  Speaking of great jobs...
I am so very proud of my students!!  They worked so hard on their "Friendship" essays, and it shows!  Thank you for being so patient.  It took a little while, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew exactly what was expected!  It will be easier moving forward.

This week finds us working in the anthology with "Elisa's Diary" and "Words Free As Confetti."  We will begin the week discussing the vocabulary in context.  We will be  answering to a new essential question, identifying theme, dialogue, and sequence.  I will assign new spelling words by Wednesday, and there will be a quiz next Tuesday.  By the end of the week, we will discuss poetry and read to compare texts. 

The standards I expect to hit this week are:  Language #6, Reading Literature #1 &  #2, Speaking & Listening #1

Much love,
Mrs. Reina