7th Grade

Novel Selections: My Brother Sam Is Dead; The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

Skills: Annotating while reading, story mapping, characterization, context clues

-Unit 1: Clues, red herrings, motives, suspects, deductions, and macabre; averted, averse, morose, metropolis, reverie, aperture, fortnight, amiable, haggard, and erroneous
-Unit 2: placidly, amiably, desirous, condoled, fakir, jarred, presumptuous, fancy, doggedly, talisman, and enthralled
-Unit 3: peppered; churning; clambering; stock; petition; pitched; skirmish; speculating; apprentice; and thrash. 
-Unit 4: enlistment, recalcitrance, forage, grimaced, retaliates, sedition, seines, and turmoil.
-Unit 5: anecdote, entreat, fallible, fickel, grimy, iota, radiant, substantial, tactful, and ultimate


Upcoming Assessments: HOMEWORK for tonight, June 5th: Complete the worksheet on the changes in Katniss for tomorrow's class. Counts as a classwork grade!

Due June 4th: Read Chapter 18 of The Hunger Games on your own, and complete the questions on the chapter for homework.

Due May 30th: Complete the fill-in-the-blanks vocabulary worksheet on words from Chapters 10 through 18 of The Hunger Games. Use the following quizlet to help you!

Due May 29th after Memorial Day: Finish reading Chapters 14 & 15 of The Hunger Games and complete the questions on both chapters for a homework grade!

Finish the figurative language worksheet on The Hunger Games for tomorrow's class, May 23rd. To count as a homework grade!

Due May 11th: Write a paragraph (at least 6-7 sentences) imagining that you are a tribute who is just about to be dropped into the arena for the Hunger Games. What skills would you have? What gifts would you want sponsors to air-drop to you?

For Thursday, May 10th: Using the quizlet link below, write a sentence for each word, or a story using all of the words, in order to  practice for a vocabulary quiz on Thursday. To be collected & graded!

Due on Monday, May 7th: Write a paragraph about one character, either Katniss Everdeen or Peeta Mellark, by examining how other characters interact with them. What do we learn about Katniss when she spends time with Gale or Prim? What do we learn about Peeta by his conversations with Katniss and how he interacts with Haymitch and Katniss? Write at least one (1) paragraph about either character -- that's at least 5 to 6 sentences, please. May be handwritten.

Due April 30th: Complete your characterization worksheet on either Katniss or Peeta for class tomorrow! To count as a homework grade!

For April 25th: Write a story using the vocabulary words from Chapter 5 of The Hunger Games. QUIZ on these words will be Thursday!

DUE MONDAY, April 16th: Complete one (1) of the following journal writes assigned in class. Essays must be typed, double-spaced, and Times New Roman font, size 12 text. Required length: 1 page.

Due Tuesday, April 10th: Use the wiki space -- http://thehungergames.wikia.com -- to find out what each of the 12 Districts of Panem do in terms of labor and industry. Also, for each district, list the names of the tributes who participated in the Hunger Games.

Due April 9th: Read Chapters 1 & 2 of The Hunger Games on your own, and answer the study guide questions on the chapters for class. To be collected & graded!

The final TEST on My Brother Sam Is Dead was moved to Friday. Also, hand in your final projects Friday, too.

Due on TUESDAY, March 6th: 
Complete the study guide questions for Chapter 12 of My Brother Sam Is Dead.

For March 1st: Answer the questions on Chapter 11 of the novel for tomorrow's class. To count as a homework grade!

QUIZ on TUESDAY, Feb. 27th, on your vocabulary words from Unit 3 of your red Vocabulary Workshop book. Use sadlierconnect.com/vw to study for your quiz by reviewing the words from Level B, Unit 3.

Due on Feb. 16th: Complete the 8 questions on Chapter 10 of the novel, My Brother Sam Is Dead for class tomorrow. To count as a homework grade!

Due Feb. 12th: Write a letter home to "Mother," (Mrs. Meeker), in the character of either Tim or Sam using at least seven (7) vocabulary words from Unit 3 of your red Vocabulary Workbook. You choose which scenario you prefer -- is Tim writing home about his visit to Verplanks Point and the encounter with the cowboys? Is Sam bragging about his bravery in the war, and the defeat of the Lobsterbacks? 

Due on Thursday, Feb. 8th: Complete the questions on Chapter 9 of My Brother Sam Is Dead as a review of the chapter. To count as a homework grade!

HOMEWORK due on Wednesday, Feb. 7th: Using complete sentences, answer the questions on Chapter 8 of My Brother Sam Is Dead as a review of the chapter.

For Feb. 5th: Write a descriptive, detailed paragraph on the character that you looked at in your Characterization worksheet. Be sure to include: a clear topic sentence that introduces your character's traits; examples to support your points; and a closing sentence that ties the paragraph together and/or states something new about the character. 
   THIS COUNTS towards your TEST, also on MONDAY: Study the following to prepare for the test, which will cover Chapters 1 through 7 of My Brother Sam Is Dead:
1. Chapters 1-3: https://quizlet.com/98435465/7th-grade-english-quiz-my-brother-sam-is-dead-chapters-1-3-flash-cards/
2. Chapters 4 through 7: https://quizlet.com/196749541/my-brother-sam-is-dead-chapters-4-7-flash-cards/
3. Your vocabulary words: https://quizlet.com/203368436/flashcards

Due Jan. 22nd: Complete the questions on Chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7 of My Brother Sam Is Dead. This will help you review the material that will be on a test on Jan. 24th. Also, the assignment will count as a homework grade!

Due Jan. 17th: Write a text message to one of the characters in the novel, My Brother Sam Is Dead, as if they were alive today. Try to "stay in character" as you write from the character's perspective.

Finish the worksheet on ACTION VERBS for TUESDAY's class, January 16th.

VOCABULARY QUIZ Friday, Jan. 12th on the Unit 3 words listed above. Use this QUIZLET.com link to study and prepare for your quiz:

Due Thursday, Jan. 4th: Write a sentence using each of the following vocabulary words: peppered; churning; clambering; stock; petition; pitched; skirmish; speculating; apprentice; and thrash. Counts as a homework grade!

Due Jan. 2nd: Read Chapter 3 in the novel, My Brother Sam Is Dead, on your own. Write 7 to 8 sentences in your journals in response to the following question: Pretend that you are Tim Meeker. Which side are you on -- Sam or Father's? Explain which position you support -- to fight for independance or to remain loyal to the King of England - by providing arguments made by Sam and Mr. Meeker in your journal entry.

Due Dec. 18th: Interview a person who lived through a major war -- this can be a veteran OR a common citizen -- and write a summary about your interview with that person for class discussion.

Due MONDAY, Dec. 11th: Complete your journal write on the 1984 film version of "A Christmas Carol." How is it different/similar to the play we read in class?

REMINDER! Your Outside Reading Assignment projects are due this Friday, Dec. 1st.