2nd Grade Classroom Guidance

1. Meet Your School Counselor: This week I introduced myself and my role as your child's school counselor. I will be teaching classroom lessons and helping your child have a great year! School Counselors often check in with students to help them with friends, schoolwork, and any not-so- good feelings. This week we reinforced a sensed of belonging to the school environment and a positive attitude toward work and learning. The students learned about "everyday hero's" and brainstormed ways they could be everyday hero's in the school community.


1. Listening and focusing attention- Listening and focusing attention helps students participate successfully in school and helps support positive relationship with peers. This week we watched Howard B Wiggle Bottom learns to Listen (can be found on www.wedolistenfoundation.org). Students learned about whole body listening.

2. Feelings- It's important for children to learn to identify and express a wide range of feelings, while also understanding that others have feelings too. Learning about feelings and emotions is part of developing positive self-esteem and positive peer relationships. This week we read, The Color Monster by Anna Llenas. Students then completed a candy corn feeling puzzle where students matched an emotion to a facial expression and created an example situation that matched their emotion and facial expression.