Library and Technology Changes This Year

Library and Technology Changes This Year
21st Century



2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR

This year, our library program has undergone a major transformation. The nursery thru 2nd grade program is a major source for literacy development.  Students use books to enhance their reading and comprehension skills and either have books read to them or read the books themselves. Students are asked age appropriate critical thinking questions that enhance their understanding of the books they have read. Classroom teachers follow up on students library time continuing a discussion of the books read by the students.

   For grades 3-8 the students utilize a media research center utilizing 21st century media skills. Subject area teachers work with the media specialist to establish age appropriate research projects. These projects mirror the content being covered in class. Each grade level is assigned a library period to research their project. The Media Specialist and the teacher work closely with each other to review student progress. 
Our new media research program strengthens student research, critical thinking and analytical skills while allowing classroom teachers to continue working on their units with minimum interruption. This program prepares your children to excel when they reach High School.

   Our technology program has transformed into a STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion Engineering, Art, and Math) based program.  Our STREAM Program ties all content area subjects together using a hands-on approach.  Our technology lab, which already houses 30 computers for student use, also incorporates robotics, circuit board design, and graphic arts that will include a 3d printing program. As we incorporate logic and math skills, students also take a course on programming and software development.    Our students strive towards fluency in these technologies while isolating key classroom content by creating projects that expand understanding and competency.

  These programs are essential to learning in the 21st century. Just as technology and research in today's world is constantly changing, St. Joseph School is committed to change with it; giving your children the tools they need to succeed today AND tomorrow.