Health Office

Nurse:    Mrs. Melody Marino, RN
Phone:      631-588-4760

Please notify the health office of all student absences by 9:30 am.  All contagious diseases must be reported to the health office immediately (strep, chickenpox, lice, pinkeye, etc.).  Please feel free to call me with any questions or health concerns. We continue to teach and reinforce good health habits for our children to practice, such as, frequent hand washing, eating a well balanced diet, plenty of exercise and rest at night.  This will help keep our school community healthy and happy.  Have a great year!
FOOD ALLERGIES - There are many students in our school with life threatening food allergies. The most common are peanuts/nuts/milk & eggs. It is important that your child be as safe as possible during the school day.  Please be mindful of these allergies when sending in birthday snacks. All snacks should be peanut free.  We do not allow any baked goods.  This includes home baked goods, as well as bakery goods. Please also remember, foods cannot be shared, so please reinforce this with your child/children. If your child does have an allergy of any kind, please notify the health office and teacher as soon as possible. Kindly send in a special snack bag for the teacher to keep in the classroom so that the teacher can offer a safe snack to your child in the event of a birthday celebration.
IMMUNIZATIONS - NO CHILD will be able to begin school without proof of immunizations. Parents will be given ample notice when booster immunizations are required. If a child is missing an immunization, it is the parent/guardians responsibility to make sure the child receives it. The child may be prohibited from school if not obtained by the required date. If there are circumstances where the student cannot receive the immunization, it must be discussed with the nurse and principal.
Parent of Nursery and Pre-K are to go and request a copy of their child's immunizations from their doctors.  These forms are to be signed and stamped by the doctor.  All immunizations and physical forms should be handed in before August 1st, 2018.
 *Parents of Nursery are to go and request a copy of their child's immunization from their doctors. 

MEDICATION POLICY - No medication can be self administered or brought in to school by the students. Proper forms must be filled out by the M.D. and forwarded to the office along with the medication. Adult must bring medications to office.
At the end of school year - all medications must be picked up or they will be discarded.
PHYSICALS- All new entrants and students in N, Pre-K or K, 1, 3, 5 and 7 must have a physical by a private physician. Physicals are due no more than 30 days after the start of school. 
*If you have an appointment. for a physical at a later date due to insurance or scheduling problems, please contact the nurse to notify. Reminders will be sent regarding missing physicals and school physical visits.

Please Go to the Health Forms tab to print all required 2018-2019 medical forms.

Please note: 

*** These forms are to be signed and stamped by the doctor.  All immunizations and physical forms should be handed in BEFORE August 1st, 2018.